This Week in Outdoor Gear Startups: Mountain Mix Coloring Book now on Kickstarter!

KickstartersLloyd Vogel

For many, the outdoors is a place to unwind. In it, we simplify our lives, focus on ourselves and our context, and attempt to slow down our increasingly fast pace existence. We spend time in the outdoors to reduce stress, put things in perspective, and have a little fun in the process.

While drawing and coloring involve very different actions than outdoorsy adventuring, both are utilized for similar purposes. Both are simple in concept, therapeutic in practice, and something we do entirely for ourselves.

When we heard about the Mountain Mix Coloring Book we knew we had to check it out. Recently launched on Kickstarter, founder Cy Whitling has created something pretty awesome: an outdoorsy coloring book. Ideal for adults and kids alike, they are based out of GGG's hometown of Driggs, Idaho!

Need a gift for a friend? Something to keep your kids occupied? Something to finally use those unopened colored pencils on? Back it on Kickstarter before April 25 to make it come alive! 

Don't judge my coloring abilities too harshly, but here as some sneak peaks of the book!



While I don't want to give away the awesomeness of all the pages, the themes include: skiing, kayaking, backpacking, canoeing, climbing, biking, van lifeing, animals, and just casually being outside. 

$25 gets you a cool coloring book, and it helps bring an artist's project to life. Check it out on Kickstarter!


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