This Week in Outdoor Gear Startups: Kickstarters Galore!

KickstartersAmy Hatch

Like last week, we’re once again highlighting cool Kickstarters in this week’s column. From the ultimate bag to the Swiss Army knife of hammocks, it never ceases to amaze us what intriguing and totally useful inventions people come up with.


The Hero Bag by Sealand Gear

There’s not much to dislike about this bag. It can be work as a duffle or a backpack. It has a streamlined urban look, but is built for the more adventurous side of life. Well placed pockets include a lap top sleeve, a shoe holder and places for accessories (including a secret one stashed deep within the bag). And it’s made in South Africa from 100% recycled & upcycled materials. Visit the Project.



Sparkr Wick & Sparkr Flip | Electric Plasma Lighters

These windproof, USB rechargeable electric lighters give you the flexibility to light up anything, anywhere, in any direction. Say goodbye to the fossil-fueled lighters of the past and hello to your electric future. Visit the Project.




Naali Fit: A Portable Gym for Fitness on the Go 

Naali Fit – a high-quality, portable gym that offers a full-body workout – was created to seamlessly incorporate exercise into daily living. You choose when and where you work out. In your home, outdoors, or on-the-go. Check out this video to see just how many different places and ways it can be used. Visit the Project.



Littlest Sidekick Outfitters Merino Wool Kids Apparel

Littlest Sidekick Outfitters is creating performance merino wool base layers for kids ... with a twist. When your kid outgrows his or her clothing, you can return it to Littlest Sidekick for hefty discount on the next size up.

And, to make it fun, each piece of apparel has its own unique code that you can enter into Littlest Sidekick’s interactive platform to learn about how the clothing was made (right here in the USA) and the adventures it went on before landing in your hands. You can then add your own photos and stories to continue what Littlest Sidekick calls the ThreadTrail.  Visit the Project.



Crua Koala Light, Super-Designed Hammock

We like this Kickstarter because its creators are pretty dang funny, and the hammock looks rad too. Here’s an excerpt from the project page ...

We’ve had enough of all of this always-staying-active nonsense. We’re taking a stand sit. Active people have taken things too far - First, it was light aerobics, and we were ok with it. Some movement is healthy after all. 

But one day we woke up and everybody was doing interval TRX training on the way to their standing meetings. The world got itself in a big hurry.  

But not us. We keep it cool and calm around here. People kept asking us how we avoid the anxiety traps. “Just relax” we’d say. “Is that an app?” They’d ask.  

To get people to relax, we realized we’d have to come up with the most comfortable thing ever. Meet Koala, a Swiss Army Hammock of Kicking Back.

The Cura Koala hammock features seven useful pockets (including a beer coozie), two positions (lie down or sit back), a removable bug mesh cover, wide hammock spreader bars and SO MUCH MORE! Visit the Project.




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