This Week in Outdoor Gear Startups: Eva All-Foam Snowshoes


In this week’s column, we give a nod to the Eva All-Foam Snowshoes made by Crescent Moon Snowshoes. The patent-pending design uses a rocker shape and foam that’s similar to that found on the soles of running shoes.

The Boulder, Colorado- based outdoor brand funded the creation of these snowshoes on Kickstarter in the spring and just made them available for sale on its site and through retailers ($149 USD).

“Our first prototypes were better than anything we expected and the most surprising thing we discovered was the traction — we felt like cats — climbing or descending anything in our path,” said Jake Thamm, Crescent Moon Snowshoe’s President.

The Eva All-Foam Snowshoes are also the only snowshoes on the market with no rotational hinge.

Relatively small in size, the snowshoes are intended for use on groomed or packed-down trails. They don’t have enough float for romping through the forest, the company says.  

We have yet to try them out ourselves, but we plan to do a full review later this winter, once we get enough snow here in the Tetons to put them through their paces. (As we write, it’s snowing outside, so that could be sooner than later!)


This is the second installment of our new weekly column featuring sweet gear from outdoor startups. Each week we’re highlighting a piece of new gear that makes us say “Wow, that’s damn cool!” You can check out our first article in the series here. Know of something we should spotlight? Shoot us an e-mail at



Thomas Markus

Thomas Markus

How sturdy are they, since they are foam would they holdup romping through an avy-path? Looks like an excellent shoe for searching a path in many scenario’s.
Brian Landstrom

Brian Landstrom

I am interested in your snowshoes and would like to order a pair during your sale this coming Saturday. Unfortunately for me I will be running a 100K trail race that starts at 6 AM and will not finish until significantly later in the day (evening). Is it possible to pre-order? Thank you.



These look wicked cool! Excited to hear about the performance later in the winter.

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