The 9 best gifts for mountain lovers you never knew existed

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Mountain Lovers Gifts Give'r Garage Grown Gear

The term mountain man (and, of course, mountain woman) has changed since the days of the Rendezvous when tired souls would drag their mules into some small town for a shave and a haircut and maybe a little, um, whiskey.

Today’s mountain explorers have evolved — but their passion for the hills and the gear that will get them through long days and cold nights has not. Below we share some of the best gifts for mountain lovers that you never knew existed.


Give’r Gloves

Born from adventure and friendship, Give’r is a Canadian term meaning “to get after it,” “do your best,” “be in the moment” – basically everything your mountain man and woman strive for in the hills.

Nicknamed the “Glove of 100 uses,” the slip-on style, leather Give'r Gloves are insulated for cold weather comfort, have a sock-lining construction and are designed and made in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Best of all, you can customize it with your initials hand-branded onto the glove’s cuff.



Give’r Zip Up

And why not pair your gloves with a stylish and true-to-size original Give’r Zip Up hoodie? In a mountain town, this hoodie is classy enough to wear to church, a fire pit or hiking on a cool crisp day. The hoodie is a medium weight sweatshirt that is soft enough for grandma and cool enough for teen brother.



Men's Ursa Major by Surf Wyoming

Put your guy in a cool tee by Surf Wyoming with this Ursa Major cotton/poly blend. Trust us, he’ll be seeing stars. And don’t worry — it’s pre-shrunk so your guy can get more than one good fitting after the first wash! Surf Wyoming takes it one step further by providing that broken-in feeling that is oh-so soft — and he didn’t even have to sleep in it first.


Vector Peaks Shirt by Cedarpass Creative

Or if you are looking for another design, why not try the Vector Peaks tee shirt by Cedarpass Creative? There is more than natural gas coming out of North Dakota these days with Cedarpass paving the way for beautifully designed outdoor wear. Your mountain man or woman will find this tee shirt a perfect fit for any adventure. Made from 100 percent soft ring-spun cotton this tee shirt is a uni-sex sizing.



John Muir by The Landmark Project

Why not make it a tee-shirt trifecta by purchasing the John Muir tee shirt design by The Landmark Project? Inspired by the great mountain man himself, this shirt celebrates your mountain man and woman’s passion for the hills. And what’s better than a gift that keeps on giving? Each purchase of the John Muir t-shirt (and any other Landmark Project item) helps sponsor under-resourced youth to discover life in the natural world.



Men's Multisport Greensboro 1/4 Crew Wool Socks by Farm to Feet

Farm to feet has your ten toes covered with these Men's Multisport Greensboro 1/4 Crew Wool Socks. Trust us, there is nothing like a new pair of socks — soft, form fitting and full of possibility.

And we know that nothing can replace a good pair of socks in the mountains. If you don’t take care of your feet — well, hopefully you’ve never had that experience — but trust us when we tell you, take care your feet and they will take care of you.

Made from 100 percent American merino wool, these socks can be worn while running, biking, or working out. The sock actually helps diminish friction at the Achilles’ tendon, while its low-profile cushioning absorbs impacts without affecting shoe volume. Truth.



Chamonix Rucksack by Alpine Luddites

Your mountain man and woman are unique as the day is long. That’s why the Chamonix Rucksack by Alpine Luddites not only fits their personalities, but will perfectly hold all their alpine gear too.

Alpine Luddites takes you back to a time when pioneering alpinist backpacks defined quality. The packs (which can also be custom made) are a conical cut, meaning they are bigger at the top with a slight taper to the bottom.

“Decades of climbing, backpacking and travel all over the world have gone into the design and building quality of my packs,” said John Campbell, owner and founder of Alpine Luddites. “I don't care for disposable gear, and yearly updates to models. I have had to visit Asian factories in the past. I want no part of it.”


Trucker Hat by Art 4 All

Top off your mountain friend with a beautiful and otherwise completely hip Trucker Hat by Art 4 All.

Created by Wilson, Wyoming based artist Abby Paffrath with production completed in Driggs, Idaho, these hats are hip in the hills or happy to be bopping around a folk fest.

“The peace that I find skiing in the Teton Mountain Range or fly-fishing along the Snake River flows through my work,” said Paffrath. “It is the beauty around me that drives my need to create. I am fueled by the bright colors of the aspen trees in the fall, the excitement of a rising cutthroat trout, even the stillness of a cold snowy day, and the desire to share my work with others.”



Dawn Patrol, Breakfast Blend by Stoked Roasters

There’s nothing quite like the brew of a strong (or medium) cup of coffee poured into your travel mug as you head out the door on a cold and perfect morning in the mountains. From Hood River to your coffee mug, Stoked Roasters offers a deeply satisfying way to start your day or help keep it going after a few laps. Made from organic beans by people who are as passionate about brew as they are about the outdoors, a few sips and you’re stoked.



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