Shark Tank episode featuring the Boobypack re-airs Friday

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Boobypack Shark Tank

Let’s be honest: We all love a jammin’ old-school fanny pack. But ladies may need an even more functional, streamlined pack, especially for music-pumping dance outings and sunny festivals. And they have a top-shelf to hold it.

Inspired by the Electronic Dance Music scene, New York resident Christina Conrad founded the Boobypack aka the fanny pack for your rack. The multi-purpose sports-like bra-and-crop-top (midriff coverage or not) also goes by names like the motorboat tote, mammary camry and rack pack.

The design holds and protects valuables from excessive sweat and movement via a zippered, waterproof pocket sewn into the side of the shirt. Yes, that means no need to hold a purse. And protecting an ID, credit card or phone doesn’t limit shaking it on the dance floor, crowd surfing or fist pumping.



Awesomely, the hashtags are too funny to ignore: Ladies, #shakedown with the #boobypack and add a #shelfselfie to the queue. #Boobypack4lyfe #BelieveInYourSHELFIE #avoidtheboobsweat #savethecellphone.

Following a successful Kickstarter launch in 2013 (Christina set a goal of $15,000 and the pledges totaled to $32,725), she showcased Boobypack on the Katie Couric show and won a $10,000 prize for female entrepreneurship. A year later, in February 2015, Christina approached the show Shark Tank to seek another $80,000. She got it.

Now that’s a #Top Shelf pack.

To watch the Shark Tank drama unfold tune in this Friday, June 26 at 9 pm to ABC. The episode featuring Boobypack is set to re-air.


ABC Show Shark Tank Encourages Entrepreneurship

First off, what in the blue moon is Shark Tank? An entertaining ABC reality T.V. show, Shark Tank received Emmy nominations for Outstanding Reality Program in 2012 and 2013.

The series stimulates entrepreneurship beneath a mainstream spotlight: The Sharks—five multi-millionaire and billionaire captains of industry—are on the hunt for the next top-of-the-crop entrepreneur-inventor-business person-creator-innovator.

In hopes of nailing investment funds, entrepreneurs apply to be on the show via a live casting call or via email. In 2014, close to 40,000 folks applied—180 individuals were featured on air. Selected individuals present their pitch live (in the “tank”) to the panel of investors. The chosen ventures receive funding, and the judges also snag a piece of the pie—bidding wars even unfurl for the richest ideas.


Boobypack: Episode 622

Boobypack Shark Tank

Shark and real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran—who initially passed on the partnership offer—ultimately decided to invest $80,000 in Boobypack in exchange for 25 percent of the company (#Girlboss).

Again, the full Shark Tank episode with Boobypack is re-airing on ABC this Friday, June 26 at 9 p.m.

In the name of festivals everywhere, don’t just swing dance—dive into problem solving: #Rackup with a Boobypack and help save lives (or cell phones).

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