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It is well known that necessity is the mother of invention. In this case, it was also the mother of a newborn. As a new mother, Kelly Patterson wanted to continue to enjoy the trails and pathways around her home with babe in tow during Alberta, Canada's blustery winter months. So, she challenged her engineering mastermind husband to come up with a way for her to do it. The result: stroller skis. The stroller skis worked so well for Kelly that the couple decided to turn it into a business, Polar Stroller.

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The fledgling company is gaining momentum quickly. Kelly said every time it snow, her phone starts ringing. Kelly is quick to say that Polar Stroller is quite different from technical child carrying systems, like a Chariot. Simply put, it is skis for the average stroller. “My market is quite specific,” said Patterson. “I just want to walk, I want to take the dogs to the dog park, I want to do the general, everyday, what-you-do-with-a-stroller things.”

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For Kelly and other parents like her, breaking out something like a Chariot (or even investing in one) is not a quick and easy way to breath in fresh air between nap times. “When I take him out in stroller, I need to be quicker,” said Kelly of walks with her babe. “Everything needs to be quicker, easier. Which is what the skies are for: making life easier.” Patterson’s product fits most stroller models, but she will build to suit. There is no fuss, no screwing things off and on. The process is billed as “tool-less.” The Polar Stroller skis fit over the wheels of the stroller and then you’re off, sliding along pathways and sidewalks with ease.

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Everything is handmade and customers deal directly with Kelly — a key point to her success, she said. “My customer service is so important,” said Kelly. “I deal with every customers. I will bend over backwards for my customers.” Kelly will ship anywhere worldwide and within a matter of days depending on where you are located. Purchases include a two year warranty. “I have customers tell me, “you have changed my life.” It’s nice to get that feedback from people,” Patterson said.   For a solid review of Polar Stroller, check out this one from Tales of a Mountain Mama

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Katie Mccullugh

Katie Mccullugh

Hi there! I’m interested in turning my Burley Bee chariot into one with skis. I think it’s a 10” radius wheel and skids are 110cm normally. Could you make those? I’d need two skis total. What would be the price and shipping to Wasilla, Alaska. Thank you!

Mary Birch

Mary Birch

Great. The type of thing I am looking for except the back two wheels on my dog stroller are doubles but this is a wonderful idea. Do you have others?

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