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Having only experimented with inflatable camping pillows in the past, I was certainly intrigued when I discovered the PackPillow. Weight is always my primary concern on trail, and my typical "pillow" has always been a puffy (or a puffy crammed into a stuff sack)! After taking the PackPillow out for a weekend of camping in Afton State Park, I certainly grew to appreciate what a good camping pillow can do for your night's sleep! 

Not into watching videos? Here are my pros, cons, general impressions, and verdict

General Impressions:
The PackPillow's innovation lies in its multidimensionality. While most camp pillows only serve one purpose (to be a pillow...) the PackPillow is designed to be a seat, stuff sack, daypack/summit pack (it comes with a detachable strap), and of course an ultralight backpacking pillow! At 4.5oz, its one of the lightest pillows on the market.  

PackPillow Review

The Pros: 
The PackPillow has a lot to like. It is exceptionally light and comfortable, and you can easily stuff clothing inside to create an even loftier and cozier pillow. Transforming the PackPillow from a seat to a pillow is also a simple task, and the durable and water resistant ripstop nylon keeps the pillow protected when being used as a seat. I like how the pillow doubles as a stuff sack, and its 6L interior makes it useful in packs of all sizes. The pillow itself (where your head rests) is 10 million times more comfortable than all inflatable pillows on the market. No scratchy and taught tube to rest on, just a foamy and supportive pillow!

The Cons:
While I enjoy the reversible nature of the pillow/seat, the shoulder strap and summit pack functionality seemed unnecessarily bulky. Its an aspect I don't envision using, but since its detachable, I would simply leave the strap at home. While the pillow itself only weighs 4.5oz, the PackPillow is big! This makes for a cozy night sleep, but it also cuts down on available space inside your pack. While this isn't a huge issue (since it doubles as a stuff sack), the 1in foam pad doesn't compress well, and takes up a bit more space than ideal.

PackPillow ReviewThe Verdict: 

If you are looking for a comfortable light weight backpacking pillow, the PackPillow is a great option. While not for the super UL crowd, it is comfortable, light, functional, and a better design than anything else I've encountered on the market. To learn more, check them out at:

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Interesting idea! Not typically a pillow person. Maybe worth a try? Depends on price I think.



Thanks for the review! I refuse to camp without a pillow (yep- one of those people) and have never found an acceptable pillow so I use a bulky travel pillow. I love that this one is a multitasker and am always looking for a day pack/grab bag on the trail. Plus a seat pad? Awesome! Can’t wait to check it out.

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