This Week in Outdoor Gear Startups: Tenkara Rod Co. Launches an Adjustable Length Rod on Kickstarter

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Tenkara Rod Co. Teton Zoom Kickstarter Local Outdoor Gear Brand

Here at GGG, we like to think that we’re aligned with the Shop Local movement in that we help turn the spotlight on to small and startup brands. But when we can give the stage to a company that’s literally a few blocks away... all the better!

Meet Tenkara Rod Co. – a Driggs, Idaho company that started making Japanese-style tenkara fly fishing rods five years ago with the successful funding of its first Kickstarter.

The tenkara style of fishing involves a long rod, a very lightweight fixed line, tippet and flies. There is no reel in tenkara. (Note: the first company to introduce tenkara to North America was Tenkara USA. Check out their extensive video library with information on tenkara).

Since then, the tenkara style of fly fishing has caught on in a major way. Newbies find it’s an approachable way to get into the sport.  Veterans enjoy the challenge it provides. And backpackers have discovered that it’s an incredibly lightweight, compact tool for enhancing their adventures. (Check out GGG’s full Tenkara Rod Co. Review to learn more).

Tenkara Rod Co. Teton Zoom Kickstarter Local Outdoor Gear Brand


Tenkara Rod Co. is now back on Kickstarter with a campaign for a rod called The Teton Zoom.  

The Teton Zoom is Tenkara Rod Co.’s first adjustable length rod. You can fish with it at 10.5 feet or 12 feet, allowing you to transition seamlessly between small creeks and large rivers. It weighs a mere 3.5 ounces and collapses down to 24 inches.

With nearly $100K already raised, The Teton Zoom Kickstarter is off to a roaring start.


Tenkara Rod Co. Teton Zoom Kickstarter Local Outdoor Gear Brand

Here’s how Tenkara Rod Co. describes the backdrop that lead to the creation of this rod:

For the longest time we tested and debated zoom rods.  Every sample we would try just didn't feel right.  Either the longest length would feel too noodly and disconnected, or the shortest length would feel too stiff. 

After two years of prototypes and testing we feel really pleased with this rod. We feel that this rod maintains a semi soft feel at both lengths.  

Check out this video to learn more!



Tenkara Rod Co.’s goal with the Teton Zoom is to inspire more people to get out and fish anywhere. If that’s something you want to get behind, consider supporting their project! In the process, you can hook yourself or a friend up with a sweet, new rod at discounted pricing!

By the way, also be sure to check out the Tenkara Rod Co. Instagram feed. If you’re not a fly fisher yet, you’ll want to become one after looking at the photos they’re posting.




Shinler Kirk

Shinler Kirk

Need to tell and demonstrate how far it can cast
Fishing a lake also show peeling off line and putting
Back on spool Complete video



I have to agree with Daniel. I was using a tenkarausa rod back in 09. I also have been using an adjustable tenkarausa rod since last year and I don’t find it noodly or disconnected.
Competition is fine. Misrepresentation is not.
and p.s. I also have other tenkara rods besides tenkarausa.

Daniel W Galhardo

Daniel W Galhardo

FYI, my company, Tenkara USA (, was actually the first company to introduce tenkara to the US in 2009, not Tenkara Rod Co which appeared in the market 3 years later and well after tenkara was already well established in the US.
We have also had multiple adjustable length rods in the market since 2011,

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