TWIOGS: Military Grade Multi-Tool, Shorts that Keep Valuables Dry & a Coat Designed to Last 50 Years

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Welcome back to This Week in Outdoor Gear Startups, our column where we share the news of the day on, you guessed it, outdoor gear startups. We’ve been on the Kickstarter wave train recently, as since new crowdfunding projects keep popping up worthy of our attention, we figured why not keep the good times rollin’.


COMBAR™ | An Incredibly Rugged Heavy-Duty Multi-Tool


COMBAR is a heavy-duty super-tool with a hammer, axe, and spade built into the body, with a useful magazine insert in the handle. The PRO kit arrives with an additional knife and saw that replace the magazine in the handle.

It’s made by outdoor loving former IDF special-forces officers and family men. These creators drew on their military training to ensure the COMBAR multi-tool lasts a lifetime. As they say in their Kickstarter video:

We know the only way to execute a successful operation is by sweating the details, cutting no corners and planning for every possible outcome. We applied the exact same logic when creating COMBAR.   

Learn More - Visit the Kickstarter Project



Aquanautia - Shorts that Keep Everything in Your Pockets Dry


What if your beach shorts could keep your valuables – like your phone, wallet and keys – dry even in the water? Meet Aquanautia, the ultimate adventure shorts, made with a special inbuilt waterproof pocket that’s certified up to 100 feet underwater.

To add gravy to the mashed potatoes, Aquanautia shorts are made from recycled plastic bottles, helping to address the rampant pollution in our oceans.

Learn More - Visit the Kickstarter Project



Half Century Coat | An Almost Indestructible Wool Coat


Made in California, the Half Century Coat is Spindle Collective’s response to fast fashion, which produces significant waste and eats up paychecks.

The Half Century Coast is an almost indestructible wool coat that’s designed to last for 50 years. It’s fully breathable, moisture wicking, odor-repellent and anti-microbial. And, it comes in six unisex sizes.

Learn More - Visit the Kickstarter Project



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