This Week in Outdoor Gear Startups: Adventure Tape

Amy Hatch

Adventure Tape - Outdoor Gear Startups

Welcome to Week 3 of our new column featuring outdoor gear startups. The thing we love about this column is that we get to geek out on gear and go headlong down the rabbit’s hole. We started out this morning by cruisin’ around Kickstarter to see what might catch our attention. And ... we landed on Adventure Tape.

The video explains what they heck this is (not quite adhesive, but not quite a bungee cord either) better than we could. So check it out ...



Here’s the backstory on Adventure Tape as shared on its website ...

The Adventure Tape® journey started in 2014, when Richard Brooks (Rich), a keen downhill mountain biker and technical director at Watts Urethane Products, lost his patience with existing products on the market; none were any good at protecting the chainstay on his precious Enduro bike.

Thankfully, as Head of Innovations at Watts, he was able to create himself a super-strong, super-stretchy and grippy polyurethane tape which worked perfectly, looked neat and has (to date) never had to be replaced.  Job done – and the rest of the tape ended up in a drawer.

That could have easily been the end of Adventure Tape. Luckily, Watts’ new CEO, Dr. Anthony Cooper was wandering around the factory looking for inspiration for further product developments, and came across the very same drawer.

He was amazed by the tape and its unique properties and thought it could have great potential. Since then the tape has been further developed, rigorously tested and marveled at.

Adventure Tape was fully born and named!

 Adventure Tape - Outdoor Gear Startups

We have yet to try Adventure Tape out ourselves, but we're looking forward to getting our hands on it. If it proves to be everything it seems to be, hopefully it will also soon be available for sale on Garage Grown Gear.

In the meantime, you can learn more about it on Kickstarter. 

Until next week ...



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There are others that have different properties, but most are self fusing, waterproof and stretch, is there a deciding difference to use Adventure tape?



Not bad! That’s pretty nifty :)

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