This Week in Outdoor Gear Startups: 5 Kickstarters we’re Eyeing  

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Here at GGG, we're always on the prowl for cool crowdfuning projects from small and startup outdoor gear brands. Today, we share five of them that are now live and caught our attention. 


Stompump Tire Inflator for your Bike

Flat tires happen. Co2 inflators are unreliable and hand pumps are a lesson in patience. Stompump is a lightweight, compact, portable foot pump – allowing you to quickly get back to crushing single track. Visit the Project. 



Xpand Quick Release Lacing System

This no-tie lacing system for shoes seems to solve the two major problems with the other options currently on the market: it holds securely in place (nothing worse that shoe lace slippage) and it doesn’t require an engineering degree to install it (ahem, Solomon, I’m talking to you). Visit the Project.



FinalStraw, the World's First Collapsible, Reusable Straw

While not an outdoor product per se, this product makes the list, because just last week I was lamenting the assault of plastic straws on the environment. Apparently, I’m not alone in wanting to do something different because this Kickstarter has already raised more than $800,000. (P.S. If you ever want to get me on a soap box, ask me about my idea for standardized, reusable takeout containers). Visit the Project.



Revant Performance Sunglasses Built to Last for Life

Here’s another cool product that addresses our throwaway culture – performance sunglasses that are designed to perform as well on Day 10,000 as Day 1. They come in three styles and are backed for life. Visit the Project.



The Ultimate Carbon Fiber Hair Combs

Because who doesn’t love anything made out of carbon fiber, especially when it’s manufactured right here in the good ol’ USA. Visit the Project.




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Dick Graves

Dick Graves

Looks like a great product. How do I buy a pair of 2 version?

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