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Hammocks... are... EVERYWHERE. No longer a novelty relegated to backyards and beaches, our outdoorsy culture is now saturated by THOUSANDS of different hammocks! While many hammocks wallow in the murky waters of mediocrity, a quality hammock can provide an incredibly light, comfortable, and dynamic night of sleep!

As an avid hammock camper myself, I'm constantly geeking out over new designs and new manufacturers. Nate from Out Gear Rec sent me one of his Singled Out Hammocks to review, and after a year of use, here are my thoughts!

General Impressions of the Out Gear Rec Singled Out Hammock:

There is nothing fancy, nothing tricky, and nothing to be worried about with OGR hammocks. Simply put, the Singled Out Hammock does exactly what you'd hope and expect a good lightweight hammock to do!

The Singled Out Hammock by Out Gear Rec is a gathered end hammock that weighs in at 13.4 oz. Its made out of ripstop nylon, comes in its own sewn in pouch, and is around 10.5 feet in length. It supports weights of up to 400 lbs., and is made by Nate at his home in Pennsylvania! 

OGR also sells straps, bug nets, pillows, and ridgelines.

Out Gear Rec Singled Out Hammock review - Garage Grown Gear

The Pros of the Out Gear Rec Singled Out Hammock:

As stated above, Singled Out Hammocks are a great overall hammock. They are light, compact, and easy to set up. The hammock itself has just enough stretch to be comfortable, and it's relatively spacious size allows for long days in the park, consistent and comfortable sleep, and just enough room to thrash around in without being concerned about falling out!

While this ripstop nylon hammock is relatively soft, after 50+ days of use, it doesn't show any signs of wear! It looks and functions the same as the day I got it.

The strap system is also exceptionally easy to use (assuming you set it up correctly). The cinches allow for quick and easy adjustments, and they don't slip! 


The Cons of the Out Gear Rec Singled Out Hammock: 

It's light (but not the lightest hammock on the market), it's straightforward (not a revolutionary/new design), and it doesn't come in a wide range of wonky color patterns. Other than that, the elegant simplicity of the singled out hammock makes it difficult to criticize. 

The Verdict!

If you are looking for a hammock for everything from park lounging to thru hiking, the Singled Out hammock by OGR has you covered. Its a great hammock made by a great company!

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I’ve never slept in a hammock, but I think it would be great. Thank you guys for what you do, I really appreciate it.

Madeline vodrazka

Madeline vodrazka

I’m an outdoor gear junky. My latest hammock was a gift and was torn during a crazy storm last year. My friends and I are going on an amazing camping trip next month So this would be perfect to have!!
? Keeping my fingers crossed!



What a great opportunity!! I have my hammock for the AT but didn’t have one for my daughter that will be going with me for 2 months!! As a single mom, it’s difficult to get 2 people gear!!

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