On Kickstarter: All in one Hammock, Shelter, and Blanket!

KickstartersLloyd Vogel


Wildish is a rad company out of Bend Oregon that's making gear for the casual outdoors people among us. They target the beach loungers and the picnic in the parkers over the Everest summit seekers. Wildish aims to make products for "outdoorsy people who choose to enjoy nature rather than conquer it."

Founders Rick and Adam are all about making "outdoorsy" products that are fun, versatile, and encourage good times! And speaking of good times...

Right now Wildish is in the midst of a Kickstarter for a new product called the M.C. Hammie! Along with being a clever play on words, the M.C. Hammie is a 3 in 1 hammock, blanket, and shelter that aims to replace the pile of gear you often bring but seldom use. The dynamic nature of the M.C. Hammie makes it a must bring on your urban and outdoor adventures, and it's ideal for afternoons in the park, nights grilling with friends, or day hikes to your favorite spots. 

In designing the M.C. Hammie, Wildish started off with the hopes of improving upon traditional hammocks. While traditional hammocks are great when you are looking to enjoy some solitude, Rick and Adam wanted to create a hammock that could be social and shareable! The whole kit, including free tree straps for Kickstarter backers, weighs a little over 3lbs, and is made out of DWR treated ripstop nylon. Check it out:




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