On Kickstarter: Say NO to Warm Beer!!

KickstarterLloyd Vogel

Keeping your beverages and snacks cold while exploring the outdoors is a struggle we all have encountered! Too often we have to deal with the tradeoff of either: hitting the well-travelled path with our heavy coolers, or going to new destinations and leaving the traditional cooler behind. By doing this, we have to accept the inevitability of sipping warm suds! Yuck.

Cold Shoulder Bags has solved this problem and have launched a new Kickstarter!! Based out of Northern Utah, Andrew Blevins founded Cold Shoulder Bags to design a way to keep beverages and snacks cold wherever your next adventure takes you. These bags are great for concerts, festivals, hiking; literally, anywhere you feet can take you!

In 2015, Andrew and his team announced their first Kickstarter, and with the help of 81 backers and 10K in funding, successfully launched the Cold Shoulder Backpack/Cooler Combo, the “Frosty.” Genius! It’s been so popular that now they have launched a 2nd kickstarter to raise funds for their newest line of products: The Bucket insert, the Frosty Tote, and the Satch Cooler Sling 

While the Bucket Insert and the Frosty Tote are cool (pun fully intended) the Satch Cooler Sling is (in my humble opinion) the shining star! It can carry up to 12 - 12oz cans and will keep your beverages and snacks cold for up to 24 hours! Maybe you can drink for 24 hours straight, but we can't!! 

It’s also exceptionally affordable:

  • $40 for a Frosty Tote (optional $40 everyday backpack add-on)
  • $40 for a Bucket Cooler Insert (optional $40 messenger add-on)
  • $45 for a Satch Cooler Sling

If you haven't already, you should watch their Kickstarter video and consider backing their project. They are great people making great products, and are big supporters of the work we do over here at Garage Grown Gear:



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