This Week in Outdoor Gear Startups: Swayy Insulated Hammocks on Kickstarter!

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If you've ever been on Kickstarter, you have undoubtedly run into a large number of projects for backpacks, blankets/quilts, and hammocks. While all have subtle differences, the abundance of these projects (and the high percentage of them that succeed) tells us that a market must exist for creative variations on these classic products.

With that thought in mind, this week we are checking out a Kickstarter by a company called Swayy Hammocks.

After taking a hammock and sleeping bag overnight on a trip to Ocoee Lake, Swayy founder Seth Hill wondered to himself "why have I never heard of an insulated hammock before?"

While several insulated hammocks do exist (from Superior Hammock, Sierra Madre, Khione, and a couple others), Seth is correct in saying that none of these companies have yet created an insulated hammock that's been a "commercial success."

Each has attempted to create a light and effective "all in one hammock system." After personal insulated hammock testing (and a bunch of reading on the always wonderful Hammock Forums), it's clear that the hammocking community hasn't been fully convinced with any insulated hammock to date.

While they/we can be a tough crowd to please, with the goal of finally getting it right, Swayy has launched a campaign for 2 different insulated hammocks: the Premus and the Eira.


Both hammocks can be best understood by looking at their three different layers: the hammock, the insulation, and the shell. 

At their base, both the Premus and the Eira have 10-foot hammocks made from ripstop nylon. Both support weights of up to 400lbs, and the only real difference between these two products is their insulation: the Premus is synthetic and the Eira is down.

While we won't launch into a comparison of synthetic versus down products, the difference in insulating material makes the Premus weigh 5.1lbs, and the Eira (with rainfly and straps) weigh 3.1lbs.

The third and final layer is nylon fabric designed to be lightweight, wind breaking, and breathable enough to prevent moisture build-up. 

Both hammocks are designed to negate the need for a top quilt or under quilt.

Like most all-in-one hammocks, Swayy is attempting to create a product that simplifies the hammocking experience, making it accessible to those unfamiliar with whoopie slings, marlin spike hitches, and the nuances associated with highly customized (and individualized) hammocking setups. 

Zipper it up on chilly nights and unzipper on warm nights. The Premus and the Eira claim to be comfortable between 35 and 70 degree weather. 

The straps that accompany the Premus and Eira are a Dyneema blend, and there is the ability to purchase a rainfly as well (depending on your backer level).

Swayy insulated Hammocks

While my conversation with Seth revealed an individual passionate about innovative hammocking, it also revealed a socially conscious entrepreneur who is exceptionally driven to serve others. For him, Swayy is a project that he hopes to use to support the building of schools in Papua, Indonesia. 

"We hope to build 100 jungle schools in the next 10 years in Papua, Indonesia so that kids there have a new opportunity to learn and further goodness in the world! Education = Empowerment! We also hope to conduct SWAYY adventure trips around the world and have those trips sponsored by our gear - imagine people signing up for adventure trips where they can explore new places, but also have an opportunity to help others."

If you are interested in fighting the cold butt syndrome and supporting the growth of new company, checkout Swayy Hammocks on Kickstarter!


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