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Nina B. Roze Lifestyle - heart butt yoga pants

Squats in the gym are awesome for two reasons: training for ski turns, and—a more scrutinizing incentive, yet, frank one for many—reaching that Beyonce-style lift. In fact, that booty-loving reality pushed one Instagram post of heart butt yoga pants, made by Nina.B.Roze, to 25,000 likes, overnight. “The Heart Butt™ Legging is our number one best seller worldwide. The technical pattern is designed to lift the booty by eliminating side seams and having a circular shape around the body,” explained Founder and Designer Nina. In a capri or full-length cut, the legging’s backside exterior seams curves from the inner thigh, up and around the booty, forming a perfect heart shape. “The Heart Butt legging’s unique design focuses on making your booty look good: It’s a flattering and slimming fit that accentuates the booty,” Nina said. Ahead of the business curve, the insatiable heart butt yoga pants were the third design that Nina added to the line.

Form fitting and elegant, Nina.B.Roze’s stylish active wear echoes Victorian Era fashion. Though fashionable, the pieces are durable—I wore the Heart Butt capris for hot yoga, bouldering, and sport climbing (check out our review below)—and function in the dance studio, gym, outside and even running on-the-fly errands, post-workout. The range crosses several sport categories and garments including bike shorts, capris, and fitted or flow knit tops, plus, a one-piece swimsuit that doubles for ballet.


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Out of a garage Nina.B.Roze was awakened

Nina launched the Los Angeles based business in 2011 from her mom’s garage. Close with her family, the name Nina.B.Roze blends Nina’s name with the first letter of her late father’s last name, Berenboym, and a portion of her mother’s last name, Rozenfeld.

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Born in the Ukraine, Nina and her family moved to L.A. in 1994 when she was 9 years old. Following the life change, Nina’s mom enrolled her in a Russian ballet school in Plummer Park, West Hollywood. Over the next six years, she progressed to pointe shoes, and dance taught her athleticism, grace, and elegance: All characteristics that influenced her vision of design for Nina.B.Roze—feminine yet functional apparel for active women. Nina had also put her nose to the grindstone climbing the career ladder. In her own designs she wanted to create clothing that reminded and inspired her, and other women, to prioritize health. “I wanted to be a healthy woman and be around women that are health conscious, active, and appreciate beauty—who try to look and feel their best. Everything was deadline driven and hectic, so I wasn’t healthy. I wanted to create something while being healthy for myself and inspiring other women,” Nina shared.

Nina graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in 2005. In the succeeding, career-grounding years she boarded ship with several different design companies and became a head designer for tween apparel, girls age 7 to 14. However, the thought of striking out on her own lingered. “I’d always thought I would have my own company and it’s been my dream since I was a young girl to become a fashion designer. When the time came to [start this company], I had learned and practiced so many different platforms of design that I really wanted to choose a focus that motivated me,” Nina said.

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Now, her designs have caught like wildfire: In 2012, Nina.B.Roze shipped just 20 units. In 2014, shipments bumped up 10,000 percent. All apparel pieces are manufactured locally and ethically in L.A. What is Nina’s workspace like now? She had rented an office but found she would still sketch in the space where she felt the most inspired—at home. To save business costs (and somewhat wasted space) Nina ended the lease in 2014. Up ahead, she’s considering opening a retail shop in Studio City. Regardless, Nina.B.Roze will continue to offer products through e-commerce and wholesale. 


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Our review of Nina.B.Roze heart butt yoga pants (capri style)

Pros • Thick, durable, super soft, colorful, extremely comfortable, complimenting fit

Cons • Sweat stands out (I wore the Sky Blue color)

The details • I was running out the door to catch a hot yoga class, and the first thing I noticed when I pulled on the sky blue colored Heart Butt Capri is how uber soft and perfectly thick the pants are. It was a chilly, 45-degree evening, but I wouldn’t need to wear an outer pair of sweats on my walk to the studio. While the teacher led the flow between downward dog, warrior II, and horse pose, I noticed how comfortably the pants rested on my hips. The wide waistband sat flush below my belly button, high enough to not creep downward, and a gusset kept the fabric from riding up. I was super excited about the style, too: They’re vibrantly bright! The cut and seams are attractive, flattering and playful. (Bouldering and sport climbing, the capris proved to be equally tenacious.) By the end of the humid, drenching yoga class sweat outlines were mildly noticeable in the, ahem, bikini line area. I’ve experienced capillary action in some yoga pants and not others. The affect could be due to the fiber blend, color, or both. The faint sweat pool isn’t a substantial enough reason for me to not wear and love these yoga pants, and I’d choose the soft fiber blend and energetic color any day.

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