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One of the enduring and defining legacies of the United States is our national parks. Back in 1872 when Congress set aside Yellowstone to become our nation’s first national park, it was unprecedented.

The founding of Yellowstone sparked a worldwide movement. Today more than 100 nations contain some 1,200 national parks or equivalent preserves – 450 of which are in the U.S. and its territories.

This week is National Parks Week – a celebration of the parks’ history and present-day benefits. We encourage you all to get out this week and throughout the year to enjoy and appreciate our public lands.

You can then share your stories and memories with #FindYourPark. You can also wear your support through apparel brands that feature iconic destinations.

Today, we give a special nod to two of our favorite national park-inspired tee shirt and hat brands: The Landmark Project and Sendero.


The Landmark Project   

The power of place inspires all of The Landmark Project’s designs. The images evoke the nostalgia of adventure, community and iconic landscapes. Its tee shirts and beanies feature revered destinations such as Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Glacier, Grand Teton and Joshua Tree. 


National Park Tee Shirts T-Shirts and Beanies - The Landmark Project - Garage Grown Gear


>>>The Landmark Project tee shirts and beanies are available through Garage Grown Gear<<<



Sendero Provisions Co. 

Sendero Provisions Co. makes hats, tee shirts and accessories inspired by the landscapes and cultures of the wild American West. It aims to make “products that can speak to your soul, that can excite your spirits to get outside.” A portion of each national park hat sales goes back to national parks.


National Park Trucker Hats Ball Caps - Sendero - Garage Grown Gear


>>>We do not sell Sendero (yet) on GGG, so cruise on over to its website to check them out<<<


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