Mythical review: unique, leather chalk bag handmade in Utah

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Mythical Review Unique Leather Chalk Bags

Combining hand-made workmanship with function, the Jackalope leather chalk bag from Mythical is a one that you might be able to hand down to your grandchildren.

I took the chalk bag for a spin on our local boulder across the street and loved it from the first dip of my hand. The bag is sized well – large enough to easily grip a chalk ball inside it but not oversized. Besides looking great, the leather holds its shape well, and the little extra weight that it provides keeps one’s bag upright and in place. The details are there too: The Jackalope has a brush holder on the side and a tight drawstring closure on the top.

I have to admit that I never really thought much about my chalk bags, so long as they worked. Most chalk bags I’ve owned were either found somewhere or given to me by someone. If it functioned reasonably well I kept using it. It always felt a bit like a disposable item to me. That is until now.

Industrial designer and fourth generation leatherworker, Damien Pacheco, and his wife Glenda Leon have created a whole series of leather chalk bags inspired by mythical creatures: the Chupacabra, the Mammoth, the Jackalope and the furry Sasquatch.

“Here at Mythical Co. we are trying to create products that go beyond the stereotype,” writes Pacheco, “We want to blend the tradition that backs us up with a more up-to-date design.”

Mythical Chalk Bag Review

Mythical Leather Chalk Bag Review

Some sport climbers and expedition alpine climbers might be put off by the extra weight or the lack of weather-proofness of a leather chalk bag, compared to a nylon chalk bag. That is understandable. It won’t be my only chalk bag. For those who want a unique artisanal chalk bag that is both stylish and functional though, these bags are your ticket. I’m excited to take the Jackalope multi-pitching in Gallatin Canyon this fall, and to the climbing gym this winter.

Mythical Review Unique Leather Chalk Bag


  • Beautifully made and built to last. This might just be the last chalk bag that you buy.
  • Deep, large pocket easily contains a chalk ball and holds its shape when being used – a highly functional chalk bag.
  • The full-grain leather exterior and the fleece interior both have a pleasing feel to the hand. I found myself wanting to use more chalk than usual ...
  • Unique design with a leather-stamped “jackalope” totem on it. It would make a great gift.
  • USA made in Provo, UT



  • More than twice as expensive as my previous chalk bag
  • The increased weight might turn off ultralight aficionados
  • This full-grain leather chalk bag might not be what you want to take on your off-width multi-pitch slog fest in the rain. This bag is too beautiful and too expensive to ruin.

Mythical Review Unique Leather Chalk Bag Garage Grown Gear

Bottom Line: This is a chalk bag that is both beautiful and functional – it stands apart. If treated right it might just become a family heirloom.



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