MummyPod Gear Review: for ground sleepers AND tree dwellers!

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You might be asking yourself ... what the heck is a MummyPod? Is it an ancient Egyptian burial chamber? A Pokemon that evolves from a Caterpie? The newest addition to The Mummy movie franchise? While these would all be semi decent answers (and all things I would totally love to review and critic), today I'll be filling all of you in about the MummyPod sleep system by Outdoor Vitals. Its on Kickstarter (running through late July of 2017), and we got a chance to review it! Lets dive in.

MummyPod Gear Review
General Impressions of the MummyPod:

The MummyPod by Outdoor Vitals is a sleeping system that functions as both a traditional mummy style sleeping bag (for all you ground/tent sleepers) as well as a combination top quilt/underquilt (for all you hammockers out there). While many of us already have several sleeping bags, top quilts, and underquilts that we infrequently use, Outdoor Vitals created the MummyPod to be a versatile sleeping system that can be used regardless of location. 

The MummyPod itself weighs just 2lbs 4oz, and comes in its own compression sack. The compression sack is a little oversized, and after playing around with some of my smaller liter compression sacks, it could certainly compress down even further. The bag itself is made out of a hydropobic down, and in this review we took a look at the 15 degree bag (though it comes in a wide range of ratings). 

The Pros of the MummyPod:

When you test a lot of gear its hard not to be a skeptic. While we try to pick gear we like to test, sometimes that just doesn't happen. Fortunately, there are a TON of things to like about the MummyPod.

In its traditional mummy style sleeping bag form the MummyPod is minimalistic, comfortable, and very much fits all the basic needs of a 15 degree bag. The zipper is centered in the middle of the bag (unlike most bags where the zipper is positioned off to the right or left), and while I was initially skeptical of having the zipper right in front of my face, I didn't find this feature to be at all intrusive or annoying. In fact, I actually found it quite convenient. I could early find the zipper and mummy hood draws strings (which are positioned in the center flanking the zipper), and enjoyed how easily accessible they were even when I was snuggled up tightly in the bag itself. The main zipper has a anti-snag devise (which are wonderful), and this made getting in and out all the simpler. The MummyPod has both a zippered and a draw string footbox, and this easily facilitates the transition from tent to hammock sleeping and really improves your ability to thermo regulate once zippered up.

As a top quilt/underquilt combo, the MummyPod transforms easily. By unzippering the footbox and bringing the hammock through, the MummyPod engulfs and cocoons your hammock. This provides an incredibly snug and comfortable feel. Since its just one piece (unlike traditional top quilt and underquilt combinations), you don't have to worry about anything other than falling asleep. I also love that Outdoor Vitals went with vertical baffles for the MummyPod. Seems like the only way to go for top quilts. In order to create an effective suspension for the MummyPod, the user does have to attach 2 shock chords and synchs. By loosening and tightened these synchs, you are able to make sure the MummyPod is snug on your back and spread out long enough to cover your feet and head.  

MummyPod Gear Review

The Cons of the MummyPod:

There are only a couple gripes I have with the MummyPod so I'll keep it short and to the point!

  • While I love the main anti-snag zipper, I'd love to see a similar zipper for the foot box. If you are going to spoil me with 1, might as well spoil me with 2 right?
  • Adding the shock chords each time you want to transform from ground sleeping to hammock sleeping is a wee bit of a hassle. Nothing major, and after a couple times doing it, the process takes a relatively minuscule amount of time. 
  • While I dig the secure and snug feeling provided by using a MummyPod in a hammock, if you are at all claustrophobic while sleeping, this might not be for you. It really feels like a nest, but sometimes people just need to spread their wings!

The Verdict of our MummyPod Gear Review:

It's a good product. At each step along the way I was impressed by the thoughtful and versatile nature of the MummyPod. Its not a gimmick, it's a great sleeping bag that transforms into a great hammocking sleep system. Interested in picking one up? They are currently on Kickstarter!


******This is a sponsored post; however, as always our opinions are 100% our own*** 

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Justin Trees

Justin Trees

Seems convenient! Too bad i’ve already got a top quilt and under quilt!

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