Meet the ultimate EDC card, tested and approved by mom

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EDC Card Review

My mother is a woman who carries her own measuring tape and screw drivers — Phillips and flathead — and at any moment, given the need, these tools appear. To say my mother is handy is to understate the extent of her abilities. She loves the smell of a hardware store and when she visits me, all the little loose knobs and handles are quietly and perfectly fixed.

So to add to my mom’s “EDC” or “everyday carry,” I gave her the ECD Card made by Cha-O-Ha Design Company. “Here, see what magic you can do with this little piece of gear,” I said, as she turned it around slowly examining all the little details on this pocket sized piece of steel.

With more than 30 different functions, EDC Carry Pocket Tool fits nicely into your back pocket, wallet, breast pocket, glove compartment, or anywhere you need to grab a tool ... and quick.

EDC Card Review

Tyler Lacor is the mastermind behind this little product. He launched it with a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $40,000 from almost 750 backers.

“The response has been really great with the test batch,” Tyler said about his first production run early this year. “My vision in the end was to make a quality product that every person could use, whether you’re a handyman or maybe you’re not handy at all. I didn’t realize how useful the tool was until I started carrying it around all the time.”

The EDC tool is the first of what Tyler hopes is one day a full line of products. Committed to production in the United States, the Cha-O-Ha Design’s overall mission is to create beautiful products with acute attention to design and detail that are also highly functional and made using the “hardest working materials.”

EDC Card Review

The EDC tool is made with a super filtered steel that is stronger than titanium, Tyler said.

“I love the material the most,” Tyler said. “It’s the most amazing piece of material and I’ve been so impressed with it. There is no wear on it from start to finish. It’s like a really high-end, state-of-the-art steel.”

Tyler explained the fine grain process along with the molecular structuring of this steel and added a bit about cryogenics and the cooling down period of this material – apparently the secret step in this complex recipe. I took his word for it.

My mother also reported that the longer she carried this pocket tool around, the more she used it. She said she really liked that the tool fit most size nuts and bolts — to which I had to ask, “what in the world did you fix of mine that required nut and bolt adjustments?”

EDC Card Review

Turns out, my mother tightened the loose screws on the back of my door holding hooks for keeping towels off the floor. Next she worked her way into the kitchen where she tightened down that dirty little bolt on the faucet that always seems to be dripping, dripping, dripping. Then she worked her way over to the cabinets, where she proceeded to install "toddler safe" plastic hooks to keep little hands away from pots and pans.

When she reported she was headed out next to the car, I stopped her and told her to slowly put the EDC tool down and calmly step away.

But it all seriousness, my mom liked how well the EDC tool performed and how easy it was to carry. She said the tool handled nuts and bolts that were also frozen. “Frozen?” I said. She assured me that's a thing.

The EDC tool retails for $60 and can be found in Garage Grown Gear's store. There is also a Special Edition model available that comes with a weapons grade ceramic coating that creates a non-reflective surface for a discreet look. The back of the Special Edition EDC card also has laser etchings to designate tool sizes.

EDC Card Review

Here's what the Everyday Carry Tool encompasses:

  • 23 hex wrenches (metric and imperial)
  • Closed Hex Drivers ( 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 1/4", 8mm, 10mm, 7/16", 13mm, 9/16", 16mm, 11/16" )
  • Open Hex Drivers ( 3/16", 5.5mm, 1/4", 8mm, 10mm, 7/16", 13mm, 9/16", 16mm, 11/16", 19mm )
  • 1/4” hex driver with optional o-ring retention, designed to hold any 1/4" screw bit shank for unusual fixes
  • 5 x 0.8mm flathead driver
  • #2 phillips driver
  • Bottle opener (open hex driver)
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Prybar with nail lifting slot
  • Tapered straight edge
  • 2” imperial ruler
  • 30mm metric ruler


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