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Luminoodle Color Power Practical

Last summer, I returned from a 7-day river trip where a friend had brought a mini-string of holiday lights that we used for night tent lighting, beach side dance parties and directing campers to the loo. I admit, I was jealous. So the search term “funky camp lighting so you are the hero of the trip” spewed out of my keyboard as soon as I plugged back in to the world.

My desperate call out to the great Google god was met with disappointment; I just couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.

But then, last fall, I met the Luminoodle. There was only a computer screen separating us. Power Practical had launched a Kickstarter campaign for their flexible LED light strings charged by as USB port or one of company’s charging products, such as the Power Pot.

I did not back the Kickstarter campaign right away and before I knew it, my chance was gone. I lamented my lack of action to my Garage Grown Gear co-workers. Several times. There were opportunities everyday that I thought would be perfect if lighted by the Luminoodle. At first, they sympathized. Then they just got annoyed. One of them said, “I’m going to buy you a Luminoodle just to shut you up!”

But low and behold, there are second chances. Power Practical recently launched another Kickstarter campaign for the Luminoodle COLOR and BASECAMP. My Visa card came out of my wallet faster than you could say “Ships in August.”

Luminoodle Basecamp

I recently got the opportunity to talk to Caleb Light, VP of Sales and one of the co-founders of Power Practical. Caleb listened to his customers when designing the next iteration of the Luminoodle.

“After the Luminoodle campaign, more than 2000 of our backers took 10 minutes out of their lives to complete a feedback survey,” Caleb said. “The overwhelming response was color.”

The new Luminoodle now on Kickstarter features 14 color choices, including red to preserve night vision. You have the choice between the Luminoodle Color and Basecamp. The former is a 5 foot string of lights that gives off 450 lumens. The latter is a 20 foot LED rope with 3,000 lumens.

Dual utility is a common theme that runs through all of Power Practical's products, and it’s no coincidence that practical is part of the company’s name.

“When we engineer products, we try to think about it practically, and if we can figure out dual utility, it just makes it that much more practical,” Caleb said.

Caleb and his colleagues have learned that their customers aren’t just using the Luminoodle products for reading in the tent at night. Fans are using it for indoor ambient lighting, task lighting, evening bike rides, dog walking and even artistic light painting photography.

“When people play with our products they see the practicality of it,” Caleb said.

Luminoodle Color Power Practical

Luminoodle Color and Basecamp features: 

  • Remote Control
  • Lantern bag for storage and light diffusion (with 5 ft COLOR)
  • Dimmer setting
  • Brightness controls
  • 14 color selections including red to preserve night vision
  • Waterproof construction
  • Strobe and fade
  • Magnet sliders, hook  and loop straps for easy hanging

Luminoodle Accessories

Click here to learn more and visit Power Practical's Luminoodle Kickstarter campaign. Hurry! Only 68 hours left.

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