Live on Kickstarter: 5 outdoor gear projects makin' us drool

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We love everything that crowdfunding represents: businesses born from humble beginnings, community coming together to make things happen, and crazy cool outside-the-box innovations.

We recently announced an ongoing series highlighting current Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects that we love. If you missed our last roundup, you can check it out here.

With no further ado, we bring you this month’s top picks ...

One80 Light

One80 Kickstarter Projects

Black Fin Camper

Blackfin Camper Kickstarter Projects

Camping just got easy. The Black Fin Camper looks a lot like a rocket box mounted on top of your car. But instead of storing your skis, it houses a popup tent that sleeps two people. Features include a built-in mattress and setup that takes less than 30 seconds.



RinseKit Kickstarter Projects

RinseKit is essentially an on-the-go hose. Use this small black box to shower while you’re camping, rinse off mountain bikes or scuba gear at the end of the day, or clean your pets before the drive home. The system holds two gallons of water and gets its pressure when you fill it up from your home spigot. We actually have one the original versions of the RinseKit that we’ve been testing for a full year now. From firsthand experience, we give RinseKit two thumbs up. We can’t wait to get our hands on the new Heater Accessory.


GeoOrbital Wheel

GeoOrbital Wheel Kickstarter Projects

Ever wish you could turn your bike into one that’s electric? Now you can. Just swap out your front wheel for the GeoOrbital Wheel. No tools required, and the whole process takes less than 60 seconds. The motor on a GeoOrbital Wheel will take you from zero to 20 mph in 6 seconds, and it gives you 20 to 50 miles of cruise time before needing a recharge.


Freedom Optics

Freedom Optics Kickstarter Projects

Freedom Optics is on a mission to make quality goggles at an affordable price. They’re doing that by creating lenses and straps that can easily swap out when weather conditions change or style preferences take a sharp left. Freedom Optics features include: a lightweight, durable polyurethane frame, free-flo venting, and dual lens technology, which helps prevent fog.

Trends & top 10

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