Kickstarter: Winter Sleds, Bike Reflectors, Inflatable Packs, and Electric Baselayers

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This week on Kickstarter? Winter Sleds, Bike Reflectors, Inflatable Packs, and Electric Baselayers!

Is it essentially a larger and more stable sled than the dinky orange ones you already own? You bet! Can you think of a bunch of potentially practical uses? Most likely! While it seems pretty convenient for winter, it looks like an LNT nightmare come summer (if used as shown in the video). At 2.3lbs, it's easy to set up and watertight.

With Hut Sled and Snow Wagon, you can stap a lightweight, folding sled to your backpack, summer or winter and enjoy the comforts of a folding, water-tight sled/gear boat that will invent all kinds of uses around your camp. Catch rainwater, solar heat water from the stream to clean yourself or your gear, flip it over for instant shelter from rain and wind, use it as an anchor point for your tarp to stay dry.

Use it to ferry your gear down water trails and across calm water, pull tired children over snow and grass when they're too tired to go any farther. Or just toss in your gear and supplies and pull it all with you without having to break your back carrying everything. When you're done, fold it up and throw it over your pack or toss it into your luggage. At just 2.3 lbs for the Snow Wagon Jr., you won't even remember it's there.

Check out the Last Mile Sled on Kickstarter



Exceptionally functional, incredibly easy to install, and reasonably priced, the FLECTR 360 reflectors look like a great option for those needing to add a bit of extra visibility to their bike.  

FLECTR 360 has received awards for its exceptional design. This safety part wraps razor-thin around your rims and from wherever car headlights are approaching, it grabs the driver´s attention. All around, without exception. 

What is the difference to other reflectors?

  • FLECTR 360 reflects light gap-free to ANY direction, while common wheel reflectors work to the sides only, or simply overlap rims once.
  • FLECTR 360 is the only 360 degree reflector that also features highly reflective microprismatic design. (Choose silver or amber for this feature.)
  • FLECTR 360 melts with your bike. No additional parts, just sleek design.
  • FLECTR 360 FLECTR 360 leaves the performance of your wheels untouched - without adding weight or drag – unlike conventional wheel reflectors.

Check out the FLECTR 360 on Kickstarter



Camera bags (along with knives and wallets), are some of the most frequent items on Kickstarter. This is WANDRD's fifth Kickstarter, and it features the introduction of the Veer 18. While not the first backpack to introduce an inflatable back panel, it is the first pack to introduce an inflatable back panel AND an inflatable camera cube! It's 12.8oz of functional camera protection and transportation.

Introducing The VEER 18L Packable Bag With Inflatable Back Panel and Camera Cube. The VEER 18L pack is the first packable bag with an inflatable back panel and inflatable camera cube, giving you the right balance between having enough bag and keeping it minimal – whether you’re a photographer… or not.

Check out the VEER 18L on Kickstarter


If you are watching this video and thinking "awesome a battery heated baselayer," I'd genuinely love to hear your thoughts. Sure, I understand the desire to stay warm in the winter (the low in Saint Paul, MN was -16 today), but that desire has never once translated into an urge for electric clothing. See the appeal? Want to proselytize the good word of electric baselayers? Share in the comment section.

Unlike other traditional electric clothes with built-in heating panels that are bulky, inflexible and uncomfortable to wear, the high-performance carbon fiber in the DURAN is weaved inwith other fibers that is undetectable by sight or touch, to offer clear advantages over traditional employed materials you find in other heated clothing.  

  • Less bulky
  • Better heat coverage
  • Better temperature control
  • More flexible and comfortable

Check out the Duran on Kickstarter



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