Kickstarter Roundup: Zenbivy Bed, Hi Wool Fleece, EDC Sling, and Sea Jerky!

KickstartersLloyd Vogel

Interested in what outdoorsy projects are live on Kickstarter and Indiegogo? We've got you covered! This week we are checking out 4 Projects currently seeking your support: Zenbivy, EVERMORE, LIVSN, and OneForNeptune


Zenbivy Light Bed - the best hybrid sleeping bag

Last year we tested out the original Zenbivy. It...was...incredible! Whats the Zenbivy Light like? Perfection. Weighing just under 2lbs, the Zenbivy Light allows for a wide range of sleeping positions, and it provides an exceptionally bedlike night's sleep. Now you can spoil yourself and not feel bad about taking on extra weight. 

The all-new Zenbivy Light Bed has a patent-pending zipperless design which means it can hang with the lightest quilts and mummies on the market. Add to that, the comfort of a Zenbivy Bed and it's ability to transform from a Quilt, to a Rectangular Bag, to the warmth of a Mummy, and the Zenbivy Light Bed is even more capable to take you anywhere.

Hi-Wool Fleece and Flex Canvas Pants | Built for life

Holy moly these pants and fleeces look both incredibly comfortable (and easy on the eyes). The LIVSN Kickstarter features 2 products: The Flex Canvas Pants and the Hi-Wool Fleece. Meant to seamlessly flow from the urban landscape to outdoor playground, you don't see apparel Kickstarters this cool (or dialed) every day.

The name LIVSN comes from the Swedish word "livsnjutare," which roughly translates to "one who loves life deeply; an enjoyer of life." This journey started with a mission to simplify our belongings. With less to manage there's more time in the day, and with more time comes flexibility. We know we won't regret more time outside - or with friends - or with family. 

Learn More - Visit the LIVSN Kickstarter Project

EVERMORE Origin // a functional rugged EDC Sling/Beltbag

Ahhh the never ending issue of trying to figure out the most efficient method of transporting your stuff! Its a sling and a belt bag, and it's designed to carry the little things you always have with you (your phone, wallet, keys, etc..). Why carry a 1/4 filled backpack, when you could carry a mostly full sling/belt bag?

The design of the Evermore Origin Sling/Belt Bag came from the need to carry my EDCs plus some basic gear for my outdoor adventures. I love the outdoors but hate to be bogged down with tons of items in my pockets or having to lug around a big backpack. I needed a compact lightweight bag that allowed me to carry the essentials and was versatile enough to adapt to different activities. Don’t overpack, keep it simple, and get out there.

Learn More - Visit the EVERMORE Kickstarter Project


OneForNeptune : Healthy, Sustainable, Delicious Sea Jerky

Sure fish jerky might sound "fishy," but people DIG IT. Plus, its way healthier than other jerky on the market. Curious? For $21 dollars you can try a 3 pack for yourself. Not a bad price point when it comes to trying something new and supporting a small startup!

With OFN Pacific rockfish jerky, you’ll get more protein per pound than salmon, beef, or chicken. Pacific rockfish has 30-100x more Omega-3s than beef and even double the Omega-3s of Atlantic Cod! OneForNeptune’s Sea Jerky is also rich in Selenium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E, making it great for boosting your heart health, strengthening your immune system, supporting stronger bones, healthier skin, and improving brain function and cognitive performance.

Learn More - Visit the OneForNeptune Kickstarter Project


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