Kickstarter Roundup: VSSL, Field Knives, Microstove UL, and a Ti Carabiner

KickstartersLloyd Vogel

This week on Kickstarter? A new project from VSSL, a multipurpose carabiner, a knife by Trayvax, and a UL stove!

VSSL is at it again! Their Camp Supplies are loaded with useful gear for when you find yourself in a pinch! It contains a candle, a mini first aid kit, fire starters, water purification, fishing gear, and a bunch of other emergency essentials! What's the biggest difference between this VSSL and the older model? A new and improved waterproof light! 

We wanted a faster and more reliable way to prepare, organize, carry and access our crucial camp gear, so we made the world's most versatile outdoor adventure kit.

VSSL Camp Supplies takes the form of a traditional flashlight and extends its functionality way beyond illumination. Every VSSL is perfectly stocked with over 70 pieces of essential outdoor gear that doesn't compromise on quality, weight, or valuable pack space. It’s like the Swiss army knife of camp gear, and it'll change the way you prepare for outdoor adventure.

Check out the VSSL CAMP SUPPLIES on Kickstarter!



Everyone has a use for a carabiner or 2, and this particular carabiner has about a dozen different uses for you! 

After not being able to find a multitool that will satisfy everyday needs for person who likes to get things done fast. I designed this multi-tool that can help perform tasks that a regular Joe would perform everyday. Hence reducing need to carry heavy sets of multiple tools or looking for tools everywhere.

 Major six features for MUL.TI.BINER are shown below but have many more applications.

  • Carabiner
  • Precision knife
  • Bottle Opener
  • Can Opener
  • Phillip Screw Driver
  • Flat Head Screw Driver
  • Hex Wrench
  • Key chain


Sure Trayvax typically creates wallets, but this Kickstarter officially marks their first journey into knives! While we'll stick to a Derma Safe Knife, these do look pretty sharp. Pun intended!

Skeletonized Frame: Provides a lightweight design that is easy to clean and maintain, can easily be adorned with paracord or handle scales. Additionally it can be lashed and used for survival tasks. Notched 'jimping' on spine of knife provides textured grip for thumb when extra control is needed. 

Dimensions: Overall length of 7.9 inches and a blade of 3.5 inches, allowing for a firm grasp and cutting when performing detailed tasks

3.5" Hybrid Blade: Creates a blade with a gently angled swept main edge for controlled carving and chopping, leading into a condensed belly section for delicate slicing or caping and finishing into a 40º leading edge for a durable tip all combining to make a Trayvax signature blade. 

Check out the Trek Field Knife on Kickstarter



This Project is the final evolution of an earlier campaign. A few years ago I successfully launched 'Microstove' a camping and hiking minimalist stove that fits in your wallet. it was the most compact stove available but wasn't the lightest. I have changed the design so it is easier to assemble and the material is now hard anodized aluminum. It weighs an incredible 9.4 grams or 0.3 oz making it the 'worlds lightest stove' It can use all solid fuel blocks and will even sit on a Trangia style meths burner as a pot trivet. For windproofing just wrap tinfoil around base and ideally pot as well.


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