Kickstarter Roundup: Ultralight solar chargers, the smallest bag, hanging tables, and -320°F jackets!

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This week's Kickstarter roundup features our first 4 Kickstarters of 2019! While January is a pretty slow month for Kickstarters, there are still a couple worth perusing! 



At 8.2oz, the SolarCru is exceptionally light, slim, and foldable. While its name isn't 100% accurate, (there are lighter solar chargers - such as the always frustrating Solio Bolt), it does look like an exceptionally portable and functional little system. So far almost 2,000 backers agree.

The 6W SolarCru is a durable, efficient and incredibly lightweight panel. It is great for small charging tasks. With SolarCru, you no longer need to trade-off either size or capacity when it comes to choosing your solar panels. You can connect up to three SolarCru panels together to almost triple the original output to 15W.

Apart from its reasonable price, you will be impressed by its ability to charge your devices quickly, thereby making it your pick for best buy. It’s exceptionally compact, light and rugged build up makes it ideal for those who want to keep their devices charged during outdoor activities such as long hikes, camping, tailgating or while spending a day in the park.

Check out the SolarCru on Kickstarter!



I enjoy hammocking as much as anyone (except maybe Shug), but somethings just seem easier on the ground. While Tentsile made waves a couple years back with oodles of eye-popping photography, three-point tie-down hammocks (or in this case tables) have never really caught on. It can be hard to find three good trees to connect to, and often times the process ends up being fairly time and energy intensive. Looks like a fun 1-2 use gimmick, not sure its an $85 investment. Looking for a GREAT foldable table? Check out Cascade Wild!

It’s called the TREBLE HANG TABLE! It can hold whatever you want whatever you need and it’s all within reach. Load it up with enough food and drinks to last the whole day long. It’s got pockets on the sides to hold paper products, phones, and other small items.  Cup holders that are big enough to hold 2 liter bottles, and you know all that extra stuff that just gets thrown on the ground because you don’t have anywhere else to put it? That stuff goes into the big storage pouch underneath where it can be kept safe and sound and off the ground.  When your done it all fits into a small stuff sack making it super easy to carry. 

Check out the Treble Hang Table on Kickstarter!



It's little, its light, and it will allow outdoorsy and city folks alike to practice everyone's favorite pass time: putting stuff inside other stuff!! Sure it might not be made of DCF, but it sure can pack down small. While I haven't envisioned a specific use for it yet, it seems too nifty not to have some backcountry utility.

The smallest bag ever invented is also the lightest, thinnest yet strongest among all. Its exceptional design minimizes carbon emission during production and transportation. Smart to bring along and versatile in any situation. No longer get clumsy during workout, presentations or shopping anymore!

Check out the Smallest Bag on Kickstarter!



"It keeps you warm in temperatures as low as -320°F." While that seems almost unfathomable, if its able to perform at even a fraction of what it boasts, it would still be pretty incredible. Made for winter sports enthusiasts and people who just don't like being cold, we're intrigued!

So, we have taken traditional aerogel technology and advanced it to be lighter, thinner, breathable and more flexible without sacrificing warmth; we’ve created an ultra-thin 3D mesh composite of aerogel. This aerogel composite is placed between the outer layer and the inner lining of the jacket, providing the perfect amount of heat insulation while staying light and soft.  

Check out Kistler Jackets on Kickstarter!


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