Kickstarter Roundup: Travel Tripod, Drymile Shoe Socks, All-Around Pants, and the MuttRuk!

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This weekend's Kickstarter Roundup features products from Peak Design, DRYMILE, Trekka, and MuttRuk!


This is Peak Design's NINTH Kickstarter, and Peak Design is perhaps the most successful Kickstarter brand of all time. They must be doing something right! Their new Travel Tripod is all about speed, accessibility, and the ease of transporting high-quality camera equipment to the places you actually want to be shooting. It's lightweight, intuitive, and hot off the shelf starting at $289. 

We made a tool that deploys and packs down rapidly—nearly twice as fast as a traditional tripod. We made it intuitive and delightful to use. We engineered professional-quality stability and performance. And we added thoughtful features to help you get the shot— with any gear, in any environment, from any point of view.  

We built the Travel Tripod around the photographer's workflow. How? We are photographers.

Check out the Travel Tripod on Kickstarter!



Is it a sock? A shoe? A neoprene bootie? Sort of, sort of, and sort of. This "Sock Shoe" is waterproof, packable, and essentially an outdoor slipper. Curious.

Introducing DRYMILE’s 100% waterproof packable sock shoe for the adventure seeker/traveler in you: A walking substitute for inflexible and painful ski boots and perfect for campers, hikers, paddlers and travelers. 

DRYMILE shoes are made for a new generation of adventurers. The Xtreme Knit technology and the EZbend sole are perfectly suited for the outdoors by giving your feet protection against rain, snow, warm and cold - breathable comfort in any weather, or any terrain. 

Check out the Drymile Sock Shoes on Kickstarter!



If you miss one pant Kickstarter, fear not... there will always be another! To be fair, these do seems to focus more on the outdoor functionality than most, and they are spot on about zip offs. These pants are lightweight, stain resistant, stretchy, breathable, odor resistant, and designed with a gusseted crotch and magnetic button.  

Trekka Designs was created with the goal to make an adventure travel gear company that is focused on great design.  Our pants combine the best of fashion and function to make the perfect all-around pant that feels amazing on the trail and look amazing on a night out. 

Everyone wants to know that their valuables are safe in their pockets, no-one likes it when their phone slides out when sitting down, especially if your in a public place like an airplane. We wanted the functionality of cargo pants, so we placed two hidden zipper pockets directly behind the main front pockets. This keeps the weight higher on the hips, and eliminates objects swinging while you walk and since they zip closed, you can keep your fist full of Pesos or phone secure, while still using the front pockets for everyday use.

Check out the Trekka Pants on Kickstarter!



As a new dog owner (email me for pics -, I can see the appeal of an all in one doggie bag for day hikes. Built-in waste bag dispensers, leash loops, pockets for treats, (with removable and washable liners), and shoulder straps with convenient pockets, the MuttRuk is at least worth sniffing at! 

Whether your adventure is a walk through a city park, or a trek to the top of a mountain, adventuring with dogs comes with its own set of needs. Currently, that involves grabbing LOTS of little pouches and packs. And if you're anything like us, that takes a lot of time. And somehow your phone is still out of reach, your sunglasses still get lost, and you're still asking a friend to dig for your keys. 

With miles of trails under our feet and paws, we felt there had to be a better solution for getting outdoors with all that you and your dog need.

Imagine grabbing just ONE pack with a place for both your gear as well as your dogs. Easily accessible pockets for treats, waste bags, even those stinky little used waste bags, water, sunglasses, keys, phone and more. Yea, we thought that sounded pretty great too.

Check out the MuttRuk on Kickstarter 


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