Kickstarter Roundup: The BEST Shorts, FlexFire Stoves, Inflatable Tents, and Pro Tech Pants

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This week's Kickstarter Roundup Features Rinord Shorts, FlexFire Stoves, Inflatable Tents, and Pro-Tech Pants! Enjoy!


Intentionally designed for multi-day wilderness trips in mountain and river environments, the Renord Shorts are perfect for hiking, running, climbing, the gym, and afternoons on the river.  These shorts are made with a lightweight 100% polyester fabric that is 4-way stretch, breathable, quick drying, and has a durable water repellent finish.  The Rinord shorts are designed around the side zipper pocket, which securely holds a phone with a case or snack.  The side pocket is intentionally positioned on your hip so the contents won’t bounce around when you run and you won’t sit on it when you take a break. Bottom line, we are stoked to see these shorts come to life!

These aren’t your typical outdoor shorts; the Rinord Shorts have perfectly designed pockets, convenient design features, and are made with a fabric that excels in both dry and wet environments. 

These are the shorts you’ll grab with confidence when you’re packing light for a big wilderness trip, heading out for a day on the river, or going on a trail run.

Check out the Rinord Shorts on Kickstarter



A collapsible stove that can transform to accommodate multiple types of fuel. While not the smallest or most lightweight stove on the market (1.1lbs for the base model), the FireFlex strives to take a niche product (collapsible wood burning stoves), and make them as functional, robust, and approachable as possible. 

Flexible, light, robust, multifuel and multisize - the new outdoor fireplace for bush crafters, backpacker, camper, families, angler, hunter, nature lover... for everyone who loves to cook or barbecue outside. Its innovative flexible design and the use of high-quality temperature-resistant materials now makes it possible to adapt the FlexFire to the existing fuels, as well as the desired application. 

Check out the FlexFire Stove on Kickstarter!



While I enjoy innovative ideas as much as the next outdoor gear lover, there is nothing like an inflatable tent to bring out my inner rage/gear snobbery. Based on the premise that setting up a tent with poles is too difficult, the TentTube positions itself as being a lightweight, more compact, and simpler alternative to traditional tents. You be the judge...

Traditional tents are hard to pack, cumbersome to carry, and difficult to set up. We set out to begin a revolution in the tent industry.

Check out the TentTube on Kickstarter! 



Designed for skiing, mountaineering, and ice climbing, the Pro-Tech Pants feature a removable vest, a drop seat, reinforced areas (that are tough on the outside and soft on the inside), and R-Sonic tech.  

The new R2 Pro Tech Pants are for all ambitious mountaineer and are produced with a high-frequency bonding technology called R'Sonic. The unique combination of fabric- and manufacturing technology paired with sustainable PFC-free finish, extreme moisture vapor transmission, body mapping and new detail solutions like the removable vest are some ingredients of these innovative pants. 

Driven by the passion for magic moments out in nature, Radys combines the knowledge and the experience from Swiss engineers with the latest technologies and the courage to develop unconventional and contemporary solutions.

Check out the Pro-Tech Pants on Kickstarter!





I’m amused by the inflatable tent. Peak height is just over 5’. It’s too small to be comfortable for car camping (I camp like royalty) and too heavy for backpacking. Given that I’ve never successfully patched anything inflatable, I’d fear a small puncture ruining my camping trip.

Steven Smith

Steven Smith

Didn’t Nemo come out with an inflatable tent a few years back? Seems like if it didn’t work for them…

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