Kickstarter Roundup: Shape Flexer Hats, Hydrolights, Fire Safe, and Booty Dooty Bag

KickstartersLloyd Vogel

This week's Kickstarter Roundup features a water bladder light, a shapeable brimmed hat, a portable firepit, and the Booty Dooty Bag! Happy Kickstartering!


Kickstarter is known for its love of combination products. We've seen trekking pole water filters, packraft tents, pillow seats, and hammock tarps. Now there are water bladder lights! While the old "shining your headlamp through your Nalgene to make a lantern" trick is a classic, this water bladder light combines the two features in a more permanent manner. 6.5oz.

Stay hydrated during ANY outdoor activity. From first fill to last light, Hydrolight keeps the adventure going. Illuminate ANY situation. It takes just seconds to switch to the Hydrolight lantern, perfect for festivals, camping, and all your wanderlust explorations.

Make no mistake: the Hydrolight may be simple, but it's ready to tackle any activity from evening picnics to urban rides to thru-hiking. High-performance materials and components yield a long-lasting, lightweight, and reliable piece of gear. The Hydrolight is designed to fit in most hydration sleeves, so you can take it anywhere your lifestyle takes you. With Hydrolight's waterproof pocket, you can also store small pieces of  gear, like matches, iodine tablets, and your trusted headlamp.

Check out the Hydrolight on Kickstarter!



This wide brim shapable hat is waterproof, wind resistant, and able to be shaped into any type of hat you're looking for. The Share Flexer Sunhat Lite is the lightweight version of their OG sunhat that launched in 2017. 

n the Summer of 2017, the "Shape Flexer Sunhat" took the the sun loving, crowdfunding public by storm to the tune of almost $250,000!  But, a few folks weren't happy with the weight (as the Shape Flexer's brim contains a stranded copper cable to make the brim flexible AND rigid). So, we've designed a NEW LIGHT WEIGHT version of the Shape Flexer that that has ALL the features of the original, but only weighs 60% as much!

Check out the Shape Flexer Sunhat LITE on Kickstarter!



Designed for casual outdoorsing in mind, the Fire Safe Portable Fire Pit was designed to make fire building transportable, light, and LNT. Looking to cook? It pairs easily with their previous Kickstarter product!

Fire — The original TV, the conversation starter, warmth on frigid nights, and where the tastiest meals are cooked. The place where we get together to bring out our inner kid. Where we laugh and sing, and where deep bonds are forged.  Yet, campfires leave behind a footprint that can be hard to remove.

Fire Safe fosters communal campfire and cooking experiences with friends and family while minimizing the environmental footprint that campfires often leave behind. We sweated over the details to ensure we could make the best portable fire pit for all your adventures, from the backyard to the backcountry.  

Check out the FIre Safe on Kickstarter!



Eye roller of the Week: While I'm not saying there isn't a time or place for this particular product, I am saying that a plastic bag or stuff sack 100% does the trick. While identified as being for "camping, hiking, hunting or engaging in any other outdoor activities," the Booty Dooty Bag seems like an idea for a car with kids instead of a campsite. Additionally, I find the choice of camo to be quite confuddling as this is one piece of gear I would want to find easily and quickly! At a price of $50, it appears to be an overly organized solution to a relatively uncomplicated problem. 

The Booty Dooty Bag is a Practical Tactical approach to being able to use the restroom when you are out camping, hiking, hunting or engaging in any other outdoor activities you enjoy.  Having to use the bathroom in a foreign restroom, or out in the open, can be a stressful experience.  Well, this all encompassing bag helps take that stress away as it has fully formed compartments for both your full sized toilet paper roll and your wipees.  

Check out the Booty Dooty Bag on Kickstarter!


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