Kickstarter Roundup: Recycled Parachutes, Portable Toilets, Barefoot Sandals, and Wooden Shades!

KickstartersLloyd Vogel

Interested in what outdoorsy projects are live on Kickstarter? We've got you covered! This week we are checking out 4 Kickstarter Projects currently seeking your support: Tooa SandalsLevity HammocksInstaPrivy, and Kokua Sunglasses


Read Born to Run? Already love your Xero Shoes? While these minimalist sandals look a little MYOG, they also look pretty sweet! "Barefoot sandals" certainly aren't for everyone, but there is something pretty amazing about really feeling the texture of the ground as you hike. Based in Norway, this project has already funded!

Our Ancestors started all alone, naked in the wilderness. Using only their own experience and integral facilities, they created the tools for survival. Technology of our Ancestors (Tooa) aims to mirror this perspective of crafting tools, but in, and for, the wilderness of today.

Learn More - Visit the Tooa Kickstarter Project

Yes, there are always a bunch of hammocks on Kickstarter, but Levity hammocks are made from recycled parachutes, and we think that's pretty cool. Instead of being made out of a single roll of ripstop, Levity hammocks are pieced together from a handful of different parachutes. Strong, made here in the USA, and rocking a very "Cotopaxi look,"  this Kickstarter funds their hammocks, swings, and pillows. Not a UL product, but a UA (Ultra Awesome) product.  

Levity doesn't aim to recreate the camping hammock - just make it even better and lay truth to the claim that many other companies make about being constructed of parachute material. What makes Levity products stand apart from competitors is the sustainable, little to no waste business model.  Levity isn't a brand new idea, but rather the strategy, ethics, community, and culture behind it.

Learn More - Visit the Levity Kickstarter Project

After checking out this Kickstarter, I couldn't stop thinking about that scene from Jurrasic Park when the dude gets eaten off the toilet. While I don't think the InstaPrivy would have done much to save the lawyer from the T-rex, he would have had a little more privacy during his final seconds... I digress! Regardless, it's a unique and very "Kickstartery" idea.

The InstaPrivy is a product that was born out of necessity for my family.  The InstaPrivy concept has gone through years of engineering, testing and refinement, evolving into the unequaled adventure ready product it is today, ideal for you, your family and friends.  We believe it is a must for any outdoor activity and for your emergency preparedness kit.  Keep one in your vehicle and one in your home and you will always be prepared for every "gotta-go" emergency moment. 

Learn More - Visit the InstaPrivy Kickstarter Project

The wonderful Dion Sanders once said ... "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good." These sunglasses look good, and they also have a mission to do good. With only a couple days left in their campaign, these wooden sunglasses are coming to life!

Kokua is a grassroots organization led by a small group of people genuinely committed to making better, responsible choices. Through creating sustainable products that are so present in our everyday life, we raise awareness about the humongous plastic problem threatening our planet. And in the process, we’re helping you look and feel good as well.

Learn More - Visit the Kokua Kickstarter Project


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