Kickstarter Roundup: Outdoor Ninjas, Coolers, Stretch Pants, and Geyser System!

KickstartersLloyd Vogel

Interested in what outdoorsy projects are live on Kickstarter? We've got you covered! This week we are checking out 4 Kickstarter Projects currently seeking your support: Avail, NorthboundGeyser System, and Outdoor Ninja

When someone mentions a travel cooler, images of a bulky and difficult to carry rectangular tub come to mind. Avail is trying to do something different! They've created a highly functional and fashionable cooler that doubles as an ideal travel bag. Keeps bevvies cold for up to 48 hours!

You can relax…. The Avail Travel Cooler removes the hassle of bringing your cooler along. The first soft cooler that doubles as the perfect travel bag.

Learn More - Visit the Avail Kickstarter Project 


If you spend time on Kickstarter then you have seen a BUNCH of recent projects featuring different pairs of stretchy pants. I love stretchy pants (its hard not too), and these appear to be a little dressier than the very successful Coalatree Trailhead Pants. Have a job where you need to transition quickly between formal and functional? Its a $98 option.

These are one pair of pants that will change your wardrobe routine in many ways...but our favorite part is versatility combined with the technical fabric- allowing you to switch up your look with a simple hidden pull string. Breathable tencel ensures you don't break into sweat, and if you do, the air texturized fabric wicks away odors. One sustainable pair of pants made to take from the city to the gravel.

Learn More - Visit the Northbound Kickstarter Project 


Don't have access to a lake, river or shower? The Geyser System will clean you and your gear with just 1 gallon of water. While its size seems to make its utility limited to car camping and basecamping, it looks pretty effective. While I'm dubious of their ability to crowdfund 1 million dollars (as they predict at the end of their video), their intention to help with increasing water scarcity is pretty neat.

Designed with your cleaning goals in mind, our Geyser Valve gives you the capability to use the least amount of water needed to wash yourself or your gear. The result? Bring up to 10 times less water OR have your existing water supply last you 10 times longer. 

Learn More - Visit the Geyser System Kickstarter Project 


Outdoor Ninja

Never heard of an "outdoor discovery app?" We hadn't either! While this isn't a Kickstarter, this crowdfunding campaign is hosted on a site, iFundWomen, that hosts projects from female entrepreneurs. Outdoor Ninja itself is an app that looks at your outdoorsy preferences and then makes recommendations based on what you include. Neat right?

Outdoor Ninja is a mobile app that rewards you for your outdoor discoveries. We have built an AI-based outdoor adventure discovery platform that understands your adventure preferences, learns from your past experiences, evaluate your likes, dislikes, inspirations and provides you personalized recommendations for your next set of adventures.

Learn More - Visit the Outdoor Ninja iFundWomen Project 


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