Kickstarter Roundup: NoZIPP sleeping bags, HoverGlide silliness, RockSOKing and Wool Cross X Shoes

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Interested in what outdoorsy projects are live on Kickstarter and Indiegogo? We've got you covered! This week we are checking out 4 Projects currently seeking your support: NoZIPP, Rock Sok, HoverGlide, and Wool Cross X! 


At some point in time, EVERYONE has gotten frustrated with a zipper. While zipper annoyance can certainly occur with tent zippers, jacket zippers, or pant zippers, perhaps nothing is more irritating than a snagged sleeping bag zipper in the middle of the night. Think dark tent, low patience, and creeping cold. The NOZIPP sleeping bag removes the zippers and adds toggles and an expandable shoulder pocket. At 30oz, this is the lightweight version of their first sleeping bag.

By challenging the status quo (also known as the evil zipper regime) we think you’ll have a better opportunity to enjoy yourself. Nobody likes hassling with gear. Or buying new gear too often. We’ve made a hassle free, draft proof sleeping bag that’s ultralight and ultra-comfortable. Now you can enjoy a better outdoor sleeping experience. Because when you’re well rested, you’re more yourself and ready for adventure.

Learn More - Visit the NOZIPP Kickstarter Project


Regardless of how many views their videos get or how many backers this campaign gets, it's impossible to take this project seriously. If you've seen the video you know what I mean. At 9 lbs, this floating backpack weighs more empty than many UL backpacks weigh full. I've read the "science" behind it, but it seems like an entirely unnecessary and ridiculous idea. Woof.

Ready for a day on the trails? The “Hiker” was made just for you. With enough room to hold your gear, hydration, and other essentials, this pack is your go-to for shorter trips. Featuring an external stash pocket, you’ll have easy access to an extra change of clothes, snacks, or whatever else you need to get to in a hurry. But, don’t worry, your wallet and keys will be safe and sound in the security pocket built for your more sensitive items.

Learn More - Visit the HoverGlide Kickstarter Project


If you haven't read our most recent article on the Ultralight Food Hanging System, make sure to check it out! While not a new concept, Selkirk Designs is the first company to bundle a pulley system and make it commercially available (at least that I know of). Already have your own food hanging system? Great. Don't? This is a pretty easy to use and accessible option. 

It's simple: Fill the ROCK SOK (neoprene pouch) with a few rocks.  Attach a carabiner and rope. Toss over a tree branch and use the unique pulley system to pull your food up high away from hungry animals. No more knots around rocks. No more struggles to get your rope over a tree branch. No more ropes cutting into the branch leaving your food hanging only a few feet off the ground. 

Learn More - Visit the Ultralight Food Hanging System Kickstarter Project


While it's hard to judge functionality and performance from a video, these shoes look pretty incredible. Lined with wool and designed for everything from trail running to daily wear, these Austrian bad boys already have 3,000+ backers and $500,000+ in backing. While they won't be replacing my Altras, they make a nice addition to the shoe bin! 

The Wool Cross X by Giesswein is the world’s first high-performance sport shoe with a 100% Merino wool lining. Designed with micro-grip technology and temperature regulating fabric, the Wool Cross X is sure to keep your feet happy on all of life’s trails.

Learn More - Visit the Wool Cross X Kickstarter Project





Thanks for updating the link. This presentation looks better overall than the previous one did.



Hey Kim! This is a new version. Its the Nozipp UL!



The funding period on the No-Zip sleeping bag ended two years ago.

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