Kickstarter Roundup: Lightweight Portaledges, Nanobooks, HammiSacks, and HandsFree!

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This week's Kickstarter Roundup features: The world's lightest portaledge, a tiny (but bomber) notebook, a waterproof sock for your hammock, and a handsfree phone carrying device!


An innovative living space for hardcore climbers! Significantly lighter than the alternatives, the G7 Pod is designed to allow you to climb faster without being weighed down by heavy gear.

The G7 POD is a lightweight comfortable 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) 4-season insulated inflatable ledge that replaces the traditional 7.5kg (16.5lbs) single framed portaledge plus sleeping mat. Imagine climbing Grade VII walls lighter and faster than ever before. This ledge is so light it unlocks the impossible.  

Check out the G7 POD on Kickstarter!



While backpacking, I constantly take notes. Ideas seem to flow easily on the trail, and it's nice to have a little notebook around to jot things down. While Rite as Rain pads have done the trick in the past, these "Mudproof, Greaseproof, Waterproof, Oilproof, Weatherproof, Toddlerproof, Sweatproof, and Hackerproof" little Nanobooks look pretty sweet! Plus its $9. While I don't back a ton of projects, this one has my curiosity and support!

Here is Nanobook, in a nutshell:

  • Designed to be small enough to fit comfortably in your hand (8cm x 5cm) when you’re outdoors.
  • Nanobook made from stone, not trees. This next-generation material is non-organic and zero trees were harmed in its production.
  • Any weather, one paper. Will survive sweat, rain, mud, snow, oil, grease, and the wear-and-tear of daily use.  
  • Any pen, even your key. Can use Several Means to write on Stone paper, even your key in case there is no pen on hand. 

Nanobook revolutionized taking notes in challenging conditions.

Check out the Nanobook on Kickstarter!



It appears that picking apart crummy hammock Kickstarters is becoming a hobby of mine! To its credit, the HammiSack is at least chasing an interesting concept. While it follows a similar train of thought to the Summer Sock by Dutchware, the supposedly waterproof aspect of the HammiSack is intriguing. Main issues? Need to get out of your hammock when its raining? EVERYTHING you own will get drenched! Using an underquilt? Get prepared for that thing to get soaked. Have other gear with you? Without a tarp, your gear has no protection. I'll pass. 

A hammock all by itself leaves you open and vulnerable to nature's elements. Rain, bugs and wind become a challenge. As a countermeasure to rain and wind, you could pack a tarp system. But tarps are heavy and include a mess of ropes, stakes and painstaking setup, along with tripping and rope-burn hazards, all while leaving you still exposed to moisture and biting insects. Plus, tarps reduce the view of the surrounding nature - the sky and the stars you came to see and experience! 

Alternatively, there are hammocks with tarp/bug-net systems, but again, setting up these complicated systems is time-consuming and frustrating, especially when you need protection in a hurry. And considering the cost, plan on handing over hundreds of dollars for these hammock systems.  

HammiSack is a simple solution that allows you the freedom and flexibility to hammock in comfort!

Check out the HammiSack on Kickstarter!


Yikes... while this Kickstarter will almost certainly not fund, I could see this (or a similar idea) not being particularly far off from popularity. People get pulled over for watching movies while driving (and while biking), why not further isolate ourselves from our surroundings by:

1. Intentionally going into nature
2. Then choosing to intentionally try and escape nature 

Maybe I'm feeling a little curmudgeonly this week, but woof is this a doozy. 

Me together with my brothers had this idea: «We all have a mobile phone and everyone, even in the moments of the day that we dedicate to the most playful activities, we ask ourselves the question of how to do it to have an eye without occupying our hands. "HandsFree" was born with this aim, looking at the world of free time and trekking. Walking without any constraints allows you to better appreciate what surrounds us without renouncing contact with our friends, and using navigation systems without any hindrance ».HANDS-FREE is a support that helps us to always be connected to the external world, without the inconvenience of holding our smartphones for all the time.

Checkout the HandsFree on Kickstarter!


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Kim Kremer

Kim Kremer

The only thing that makes HandsFree defensible is the ability to use it as a camera mount. But there are better ways of attaching your smart phone to your body to use it as a camera, and I’m trying to envision what happens when one trips while wearing this thing.

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