Kickstarter Roundup: Seamless Jackets, Tank Drones, Eco Shoes, and Survival Vessels

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This week's roundup features 4 Kickstarters and 1 Indiegogo. Enjoy!


Is it VSSL? Nope! It's PYYROS. While similarly loaded with a variety of survival tools, this souped-up flashlight contains a USB power pack, a 6 piece screwdriver, an all-weather firestarter, a personal locator beacon, and a bunch of customizable modifications. There are 4 models ranging from $37 - $346.

PYYROS by Stratos Aerospace Lab is a modular and expandable multi-tool and flashlight is made for every situation. PYYROS has a 1000 lumen bright LED light as well as a red light for more discrete usage during night time, high-powered batteries and emergency power bank capable of charging a cell phone up to two times. PYYROS is packed with awesome features for all your adventures.

Check out the PYYROS on Kickstarter



The X-TANKCOPTER: First Ultimate All-terrain Drone

While it reminds me a bit too much of something out of a Black Mirror episode, this all-terrain drone can cruise on the ground and fly in the air. Equipped with an HD camera, the base model starts at just $99. That's either an expensive toy or a super cheap piece of camera equipment. Hard to tell.

The X-TANKCOPTER's hybrid performance guarantees great fun while exploring new places, that are out of reach for the other vehicles. It can easily cruise through hard terrain, narrow gaps, drift and get to speed on straights, take off and fly fast. Comes packed with features like: 

  • Auto Take Off/Landing
  • Custom Route
  • Gesture Control
  • HD Camera live/recording
  • 2.4 GHz Remote Controller
  • VR Goggles
  • Smartphone application

Check out the X-Tankcopter on Indiegogo



No more stitching! This skiing jacket was created to eliminate the problems associated with ripping, popping, and leaking stitching. Instead of creating the baffles by sewing, these Engineered Down Ski Jackets hold their down in place through baffles created by heat welding. 

There’s one thing about down skiing jackets that’s always bothered us. STITCHING. Stitching traditionally keeps the down in place instead of all the feathers falling to the bottom of the jacket. But stitches rip, pop and unravel. They let in wind, water, and inevitably end up leaking down. Most down jackets have thousands of tiny holes poked in them and trap your body in loops of rigid string like a high tech mummy.

Not Anymore.

Check out the Engineered Down Ski Jacket on Kickstarter



United By Blue take to Kickstarter to launch a pair of Eco-Friendly Shoes! Lightweight, breathable, temperature regulating, durable, antimicrobial, odor eliminating, supportive, sockless-friendly, and packable, these cork kicks have 1,900 backers in 6 days. Woof!

The SOLE x United By Blue Jasper Wool Eco Chukka is the perfect shoe for the conscious consumer and everyday adventurer. Made from the highest-quality, most sustainable materials, it’s a shoe that puts the environment first without compromising on performance, durability, style or comfort. 

For every pair sold, United By Blue will remove 1 pound of trash from the world's oceans and waterways.

Check out the Eco Chukka shoes on Kickstarter!



Longtime GGG supporters Justin and Ryan take to Kickstarter to get rolling on making delicious, dry-cured salami using organic pork. Their company, Driftless Provisions, sources and makes sustainably and thoughtfully from the heart of the Driftless region in SW Wisconsin. 

Here at Driftless Provisions we're passionate about the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin. We want to share the story of this place in the hopes that, wherever you are, it might root you more strongly to the earth and a more thoughtful, sustainable way of belonging. 

What we do is make delicious dry-cured salami that celebrates the relationships we share between the earth, the animals, the farmers, and you. 

Check out Driftless Provisions on Kickstarter!


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