Kickstarter Roundup: its all about the BIKES!

KickstarterLloyd Vogel

This Kiwi launches project is all about creating a clean, simple, and exceptionally functional system of carrying your stuff (while on a bike of course). Whether you are commuting to work, mountain biking, or bikepacking, these lightweight, durable, and waterproof bags look pretty sweet. Plus, they appear to make an incredibly satisfying noise when they attach. If you are confused, watch (well actually just listen) the first 30 seconds of the video!

The Aeroe BikePack system has been designed, tested and proven, to provide the most versatile means of carrying gear on bikes. It is lightweight, rugged and has quick mount and release action.

Learn More - Visit the Aeroe BikePack Kickstarter Project 


We see a TON of overly designed Kickstarters that seem to be trying to do way too much. This, however, is not one of those projects. The Backflip is exceptionally straightforward: it is a pair of little stands that stabilize your bike when its flipped over. They attach to the ends of your handlebars and allow you to easily work on and clean your bike. While the idea is simple, the 50K funding goal is, unfortunately, proving a bit too complicated. 

Tuning your drive train, washing your bike - we often flip our bikes upside down. The downside is that brakes, grips, dropper lever or accessories can get damaged. Even worse the bars can slip and dump your bike onto concrete or in the dirt. We decided to engineer our own solution. 

Learn More - Visit the Backflip Kickstarter Project 


It's a tire lever AND a valve core remover? Genious! If you do your own bike maintenance and have $9 to spend on a seemingly surefire product, this tire lever seems like a pretty good bet. Others seem to agree as this project already has over 200 backers!

Using a traditional tire lever, there is no way to remove a valve core. Trust me, I know, I've spent plenty of time trying unsuccessfully. I find myself searching for my small missing valve core removal tool, needle nose pliers, or anything that would allow me to remove the valve core. That's when it dawned on me. Why not just have this remover as part of the tire lever? 

Learn More - Visit the Backflip Kickstarter Project

We all know the importance of looking good when cycling right? From arm warmers to buffs to bib shorts, Victory Chimp has you covered in regards to a full kit of functional and fashionable cycling apparel. Did we mention they have patented "Banana Positioning Technology?"

Victory Chimp strives to make our garments available to all who ride a bike. From launch, our casual and performance clothing lines have been available in either unisex or women's specific cuts and across a broad range of sizes. We're taking this even further with our first kit collection, developing each piece independently to create two garments designed exclusively for their respective gender to provide the best fit, feel, look and performance. 

Learn More - Visit the Victory Chimp Kickstarter Project


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