Kickstarter Roundup: Hot Pockets, Regenerative Tees, Travel Pants, and Pocket Knives!

KickstartersLloyd Vogel


The Hot Pocket does 2 things.

  1. It's a compression sack that holds and heats your sleeping bag. 
  2. It's a travel-sized heated blanket. 

While one might advocate for simply bringing the appropriate degree sleeping bag/quilt/sleep system to begin with, the idea of a heated pad on a cold night does sound luxuriously appealing.

You know that feeling of standing next to a campfire on a cold night? Well, we’ve captured that feeling in the world’s first heated adventure pack! With just the push of a button, the Hot Pocket provides instant heat exactly where you need it. Now, we need your help to bring it to the world!

Check out the Hot Pocket on Kickstarter!



After a not so successful initial campaign in December of 2018, Seadon is back on Kickstarter with the Regenerative Tee 2.0! This time they've funded, and by the looks of it, have created a very functional and comfortable lightweight baselayer. Breathable, lightweight, hi-stretch, moisture wicking, quick drying, anti-odor, sustainable, and recyclable! 

‘Seadon’ is an English name, meaning ‘From the Hill, by the Sea.’ We consider ourselves a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts first, designers and makers second. We believe in order to design and make the best products for the outdoors; one must first understand the culture, connect with the people, and immerse in our planet. We welcome you all with open doors with the launch of our first product- The Regenerative Tee. 

Check out the Regenerative Tee 2.0 on Kickstarter!



Outdoorsy? Not really. Useful for travel? Seems like it. With almost 10K backers and 1.6million in backing, the Travel Pants by BauBax are one of the most successful (if not the most successful) Kickstarter products of 2019. With 4 different styles and 15 different features, they are worth checking out.



What's not to like about little gadgets? The Blitz Mini is a tiny and seemingly useful knife that appears up to the task of most campsite chores.

The B-2 Pocket Knife Collection was inspired by the notorious B-2 Stealth Bomber military aircraft.  The B-2 Bomber is notably the most advanced warplanes in history. Nearly 80 percent of the aircraft is made from woven composites that incorporated glass, carbon, and graphite fibers. Made of 440Carbon Black Stainless Steel, the BLITZ is a slightly bigger, slightly beefier, and ever so slightly... more badass.  

Check out the BLITZ mini on Kickstarter!


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