Kickstarter Roundup: Hitch Hotel, SUPing, Big Land, and Bivystick!

KickstartersLloyd Vogel

Interested in what outdoorsy projects are live on Kickstarter? We've got you covered! This week we are checking out 4 Kickstarter Projects currently seeking your support: Hitch HotelThumb RunnerBig Land, and Bivystick


Alright vanlifers, this one is for you! The hitch hotel is a telescoping room that you can tow behind your car. Sure it doesn't look particularly glamorous (and it costs $3000+), but the Hitch Hotel looks like a straightforward fix for those roadtripping or living a nomadic lifestyle. 

The Hitch Hotel is designed with ease-of-use in mind. While traveling to your destination, it is a secure storage box. When you arrive at your destination, only a few steps are required to get sleep-ready. First use the lift system so that the adjustable legs can be folded out and locked in place. With the front legs on the ground, simply unlock and pull the Hitch Hotel into its open position with ease. A second set of legs in the rear folds out to support the trailer, and your Hitch Hotel is now ready!

Learn More - Visit the Hitch Hotel Kickstarter Project 


Anyone who has been stand-up paddleboarding can attest to the increased difficulty presented by wind and waves. Its harder to steer, harder to propel yourself forward, and harder to balance. The Thumb Runner creates a solution to these difficult conditions by adding and extra paddle face. This allows SUPers to kayak their boards when things get dicey.

Paddlers can sometimes find themselves struggling to get back to shore when a head wind develops. Kneeling or sitting reduces exposure to the wind but standard paddles are clumsy in this mode and if panic sets in, then suddenly it's not fun anymore. Thumb Runner lets you use the SUP paddle handle as another paddle so you can use your board like a kayak. This gives you up to four times more power through the water than a standard paddle.

Learn More - Visit the Thumb Runner Kickstarter Project


Kickstarter isn't just used for crowdfunding new gear, it can also be used to bring new books, video games, music and documentaries to life! Aimee and Chase have crowdfunded previous documentaries on Kickstarter, and "Big Land" will be an intimate look (by canoe) into the Canadian wilderness of Labrador! 

There are very few places left on earth that human beings haven’t affected; places truly worthy of the title “wilderness”. Even fewer still can be found in North America. The Labrador Peninsula is a rare exception. It is one of the wildest and most rugged continuous swaths of boreal forest left on our planet.

Learn More - Visit the Big Land Kickstarter Project 


We've seen several iterations of this idea recently on Kickstarter (most recently the GoHeart), and all seem to attempt to solve the issue of communicating while in the backcountry. The Bivystick turns a regular phone into a texting satellite phone, and it operates using the Iridium Satellite network. Seems fairly small, straightforward, and reasonably priced (given how much actual satellite phones cost).

Bivystick lets you share your location with anyone who has a cell phone. With our detailed topo maps and huge database of trailheads and adventures, it will be easy for anyone to see exactly where you are. 

Learn More - Visit the Bivystick Kickstarter Project


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