Kickstarter Roundup: Headlamps, Multisport Shorts, Carbon Fiber Cards, and InstaPrivy!

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This week's Kickstarter Roundup features headlamps, multisport shorts, carbon fiber cards, and the InstaPrivy!

While the video leaves something to be desired, this 500 lumen 2.4oz headlamp is certainly intriguing. Lying flush against your head, the U-Headlamp is slim, well balanced, waterproof, and has a battery life of 100 hours. 

We enjoy designing cool and nice bike lights for over 20 years.  Then there was a mission given in two years ago. We realized that it was time for something new - headlamp. It was a long journey from brainstorming, market research, industrial design, material selection, material testing and prototype check. 

In JAN 2018 the concept of U arose. And our goal was clear, we aimed to screen and cut off all bulky, clumsy, boring factors in the design. We only put concepts which were something new, something better and something unique together. That was how U came up finally. 


Check out the U-Headlamp on Kickstarter!



The concept is simple and the execution is just as easy. Shorts with a zipper along both sides that allows for the seamless transition from form-fitting shorts to a more comfortable fit. Switching between activities and need a slightly different fit? Just zip! This Kickstarter is seeking funding for 2 products: boxers and shorts. With Men's and Women's options, they work in tandem to fit all your athletically inclined needs!

Looking for the perfect yoga and all around workout short to train and perform like a professional athlete? ElevenPine's patented, Session MultiSport Shorts with Dual-Fit Design are perfect for all types of biking (road, mountain, gravel, touring, bike packing and indoor cycling), yoga, running, hiking, working out, SUP, meeting friends at a cafe and everything else in your active lifestyle. 

The Women's and Men's Session Shorts are designed to work perfectly with our new MultiSport Boxer Brief for all activities off the bike and with our padded chamois Liberator Liner for all your fun on the bike.   

Check out the Session Shorts on Kickstarter!



As someone who refuses to exclude cards from their pack, I understand the desire for a durable and UL deck of cards. Weighing just 2.75oz and being about a million time more durable than a normal deck of cards, these are certainly tempting! While I'm more than familiar with the $$$$ that can accompany UL gear, with a $75 price tag, it's an expensive luxury.

Although there are hundreds of designs of playing cards using various patterns, textures and materials, our product is one of its kind. With other carbon fiber playing cards out in the market we knew we had to make something different, something better. Below you can find some key features of our product and what makes it the best and the first of its kind!

  • Printed on 100% premium carbon fiber
  • Waterproof
  • Wear and tear resistant
  • Elegant twill pattern
  • Matte and gloss finish
  • Light weight (full pack - 2.75oz)
  • Compact-size allows it to be travel friendly (1.75in x 2.5in)
  • Comes with all 52 playing cards + 2 jokers

Check out the Fiber Deck on Kickstarter



InstaPrivy: A portable emergency restroom solution

While you can fault InstaPrivy for a dubiously useful product (hard to imagine many places where this would make any sense to use), you can't fault their conviction to their idea. After a failed initial Kickstarter in 2016, and a barely successful (very small) Kickstarter in 2018, InstaPrivy reappears on Indiegogo with essentially the exact same product. I've never seen a company continually attempt to crowdfund the same products, but it really seems as if they are hoping this idea will catch fire and go viral. Since it didn't the first or second time, it's hard to imagine that the third try would be any different. Must be a small number of people who don't go outside because they are scared of pooping without absolute privacy...Who knows, maybe we'll see this same project in another 6 months!

Using the restroom in the outdoors or in an area without restroom facilities is somewhat of a human right of passage. It can be embarrassing, stressful, and have varying degrees of success. While some people desire to go find a place in the bushes to relieve themselves, it is not for everybody. The InstaPrivy gives individuals a stable chair and a well-ventilated privacy shelter to take care of their needs without embarrassment. 

The United States is currently facing a poop crisis in National Parks. To combat this problem many National Parks and outdoors areas are initiating Leave no Trace and Pack it Out policies. InstaPrivy is an ideal solution for this... mess!

Check out the InstaPrivy on Indiegogo!


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