Kickstarter Roundup: Give'r Mitts, Coalatree Windbreaker, Hero PLB, and the Clever Stick Trekking Pole

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This week on Kickstarter? New Give'r Mitts, Coalatree Windbreakers, Clever Stick Trekking Poles, and Hero PLBs!


Give’r Frontier Mittens | The Best Damn Mittens Ever

Our friends over at Give'r have done it. They've launched their brand new Frontier Mitts, and they... are... awesome (we'll do a mini-review here soon)! Built to keep your hands warm in even the coldest of temps, these mitts are waterproof, durable, and designed with the same attention to detail as Give'rs very popular 4 season gloves. Want them wax-coated? Sure! Want them branded with your initials? Also possible. Currently very discounted, you won't want to miss this Kickstarter pricing. Delivery before the holidays!

The Give’r Frontier Mittens are all-leather exterior mittens made of premium cowhide, a superior insulation system, and a 100% waterproof (not just resistant or “kinda-sorta”...we’re talking 100%!) membrane.

Check out the Frontier Mitts on Kickstarter!



Whistler Self-Healing Windbreaker

Back at it again with a new Kickstarter, Coalatree launches its new lightweight wind jacket. With the ability to magically repair small holes (a little gimmicky but ultimately mostly useful) this jacket looks like a solid option for urban wanderings and casual outdoorsing. We've liked pretty much everything Coalatree has launched, and this seems to have potential.

The Whistler Windbreaker is self-healing, featherweight, and functional—in short, it’s the jacket that does it all. Your perfect travel piece, it’s got five pockets for storing your phone, wallet, gloves, and more, plus it’s coated with a DWR application to keep light precipitation at bay. The Whistler will keep you protected from winds while serving as an easy-to-pack layer, from the mountains to the city and beyond.

Check out the Whistler Windbreaker on Kickstarter!



Multifunctional Trekking Pole - Clever Stick

Coming shortly on the heals of CNOC's Kickstarter, these carbon fiber poles are relatively lightweight and offer the ability to function as a tripod, a selfie stick, and a chair. Curious! While certainly multifunctional, these poles also seem surprisingly functional. While oftentimes the 3 in 1 options end up making all features terrible, these appear to be different. For their sake (and the backer's sake) we'll keep our fingers crossed. 

First of all, the Clever Stick is a lightweight and very strong trekking pole. We believe, it is the strongest trekking pole in the market of high-end trekking poles. We designed it to have the same tube dimension throughout the whole pole, which results in incredible stiffness, even in the tip section, where most trekking poles tend to break.

Light, strong and multifunctional * Swiss Engineering * Chair * Selfie Stick * Camera Tripod * Avalanche Probe.




HERO – Pocket size personal emergency satellite beacon

It's a cheaper and more tech-savvy version of the classic PLB. Sure it's not something you want to buy, but for certain trips in certain areas, it's the responsible and pertinent option. 

There's a ton of gear and gadgets out there, but not many can save your life. That's why we developed a pocket-size locator beacon that pinpoints your exact location (in case of emergencies, ie day hiking, skiing, boating and natural disasters etc.) anywhere on the planet.   

Check out the HERO on Kickstarter!


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