Kickstarter Roundup: Give'r, Gobi Gear, Tenkara, and MessyWeekend!

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4 new projects from 4 returning to Kickstarter brands. 2 of these projects are from brands we currently carry on GGG. Checkout projects from Give'r, Gobi Gear, Tenkara, and MessyWeekend!


The whole GGG team has been wearing the Ol'Faithful for months, and it's pretty fantastic. As advertised, it's incredibly comfortable and cozy, and it really negates the need for other hoodies. Made with the same attention to detail as their wildly popular gloves, this is the hoodie you'll want for winter.

We’ve designed the Ol’ Faithful with a kick-ass blend of materials to ensure superior performance and function while enabling the versatility that mirrors our ever-evolving needs.  We’ve worked tirelessly over several years to ensure durability, comfort, functionality, and practicality, all without compromise, to create a go-to layer that will last a lifetime

The technical foundation is complemented by a sharp and clean aesthetic, while simultaneously (and very much covertly) ensuring your “comfort meter” is perpetually off the charts.  Don’t take our word for it, just wait ‘til you feel it.

Check out the Ol' Faithful on Kickstarter


Tenkara is back with another Kickstarter! The White Cloud is designed for small fish, small streams, or small humans. At 8 ft. long (and just 2.1oz) it's also a fantastic option for backpackers looking to do some fishing along the trail.

The White Cloud is the newest addition to the Tenkara Rod Co. lineup.  At 8 ft. long, it is our shortest Tenkara rod, but don't let its size fool you, this is an incredibly fun rod.  Built for those tight spaces and small waters or a great tool for teaching young people how to fish.

Smaller, native fish sometimes get overlooked because they can be difficult to access and they might not have a great feel on a larger rod.  The White Cloud really makes hooking up with smaller fish a real treat.  You can really feel the fish fighting all the way through the rod and the soft carbon we have used allows the rod to bend so much while playing the fish.

Checkout the White Cloud rod on Kickstarter



Gobi Gear is known for compartmentalizing, organizing, and generally making unique methods for transporting your stuff. The new Happy Hour Backpack is a cooler on the bottom and a 3 section drawstring backpack on top. Day hiking with brewskis? Picnicking? Just want to make sure you've got a cold drink on hand? Its happy hour somewhere!

You see, it's a backpack with a hidden cooler pouch for keeping any kind of drinks cold, from fizzy water to electrolyte water, and yes, beer & wine - it's meant for whatever your version of Happy Hour may be!   

The lower pouch is waterproof and doubles for sports, beach, gym, or pool - keeping wet/dry separated.   

Check out the Happy Hour Backpack on Kickstarter



From sunglasses to goggles, this Danish company is launching cost effective goggles that focus on comfort, ventilation, impact resistance, interchangeability, and a variety of fun color combos. 

Being frustrated with breaking our bank every winter buying new and expensive goggles we challenged ourselves yet again: Launch high-quality goggles at a fraction of the price of comparable quality brands. And to continue to facilitate the clean up of 10 KG plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean pr. product sold.

After designing, producing and endless testing we're now very proudly presenting MessyWeekend Snow Goggles XE•ONE.

 Checkout MessyWeekend goggles on Kickstarter


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