Kickstarter Roundup: Down Hats, Tenkara Rods, Firebox Cook Kit, and Climbing Rope Belts

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It's essentially a new take on the classic fry-bake. You can fry on it (like you would on any fry pan) or you can add a lid/plate ontop and use it as a dutch oven. Fry-bakes are wonderfully versatile pieces of gear for those who enjoy cooking, and this kit looks pretty straight forward. The whole kit weighs 1 pound 3oz, is made from anodized aluminum, and their kickstarter has about a million additional add-on options. 

Like cast iron, food cooked on a seasoned Firebox pan really does taste better! We're sure you'll notice just how much more delicious your camping meals seem when using our pans. (seasoning required before use, instructions included) 

Check out the Firebox Ultra Camping Cook Kit on Kickstarter!



If you've never had the privilege of wearing a down hat... you are missing out! While Black Rock Gear might have something to say about TATSU's claim as the "lightest down beanie," 1oz is hard to nitpick too much. These hats come in a variety of colors, they pack down small, look a little more "mainstream" than other down hats, are advertised as windproof, and are retailing on Kickstarter for $39.

We lose a large percentage of our body heat through our heads. Most Beanies are itchy and provide zero wind protection on cold days. Add to that many don't pack small enough to fit inside a pocket and require that it be put away inside a backpack or a purse. Meet TATSU, The Down Beanie You've Been Waiting For.

Check out TATSU Down Hats on Kickstarter!



Tenkara fly fishing and ultralight backpacking are an incredibly logical partnership. Both are minimalistic, lightweight, and focus on peak performance through pairing down instead of simply gearing up. The Tanuki Ninja weighs 2.2oz, extends to 11.5 feet long, and is currently available on Kickstarter for $140.

Tanuki Ninja offers all the joy and effectiveness in fishing. It is designed and built to be very flexible and sensitive. The flexibility of the rod helps cast a very fine line without much effort and the sensitivity gives the fisher additional indicator to detect a fish bite in deep water. Tanuki Ninja makes casting with a very fine line truly effortless. 

Check out the Tanuki Ninja on Kickstarter!



Sure its just a belt, but its made out of climbing rope and it appears to be simple and functional. Could you make it (or something similar) yourself? Sure, but at $20 it's a pretty approachable price point!  

Leave behind moving parts, metal components, and thick straps with the LIZARD TAIL BELT. This climbing rope belt is low profile, easy to put on, and infinitely adjustable. 

LT belts bring together premium materialsunique design, and outdoor inspiration to provide unique styling and all-day comfort. We are featuring five classic color and pattern styles. 

Check out the Lizard Tail Belt on Kickstarter! 



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Really, TATSU? Do you realize how outdated you sound when you claim we lose “a large percentage of our body heat through our heads”? It makes me think you’re still stuck in the 1970’s.

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