Kickstarter Roundup: Cnoc Trekking Poles, LIVSN V2 Pants, Rock Roselle, and Ventury Socks!

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You might be familiar with Cnoc because of their wildly popular Vecto water containers. Now Cnoc releases 3 different styles of Made in the USA trekking poles: The Ultralight Trekking Poles, the Telescopic Poles, and the Z-Poles. Built to accommodate the style of backpacking you enjoy, all 3 pairs of poles are light, minimalist, and focus on strong parts that can be easily replaced if something does go wrong. There are VERY FEW trekking poles that are made I n the USA, and Cnoc has made it happen. We just got a sample pair of the Ultralight Trekking Poles in the mail, and they... are... sweet!

Trekking poles are not a new idea, but we wanted to make the ultimate pole: light, simple, refined, robust and most of all: repairable on the go. Your current trekking poles are unnecessarily complex. With the Cnoc trekking poles, we went back to basics: fewer parts and better materials. 

The Cnoc trekking poles are ultralight carbon fiber poles that are repairable on the go, made in the USA, and designed to be the last poles you will ever need to buy

Check out the Cnoc Trekking Poles



Last year LIVSN sent us a pair of the original Flex Canvas Pants and we were super impressed. Yes, they are an "outdoor lifestyle" product, but they own that label well by being an exceptionally comfortable, durable, and active pair of pants. They look good, feel great, stretch nicely,  and are much lighter and better fitting than most traditional work pants. The V2 of the Flex Canvas Pants seem to just make a couple of small improvements on the original version (some larger pockets, different materials, and slightly altered fit). 

The Flex Canvas Pants V2 are a new version of the already best-selling V1 Flex Canvas Pants. LIVSN describes them as “Slim-fit outdoor pants with stretch, articulation, and thoughtful features - with style you can wear every day. Own less and live more.”

 This new design features revised roll-up leg system with a more durable recessed cateye button. Larger knife pockets allow for more carrying space. A wicking mesh interior liner along with extra deep vented pockets are featured to keep your things organized and your waist cool. LIVSN has put an internal zipper pocket for security along with internal phone sleeves. A diamond gusset and articulated knees offer freedom of movement. The eco-flex fabric is made from organic cotton, recycled polyester and spandex and is water repellent. Charcoal and Brown are the current colors available.

Check out the Flex Canvas Pants V2



Rock Roselle is a female-founded company that makes mountain biking apparel for women! With the goal of creating clothing that is wildly functional, cleverly fun, and comfortably fitting, this Kickstarter hopes to launch their new Skylar MTB Jersey. 

Much of the available gear for women still finds its origins in the masculine versions. Pieces fell rushed or more like a second thought, with little of the designs rooted in the difference in the female form. The market for women-specific mountain biking clothing is rapidly expanding. Yet, many of the mainstream brands are retrofitting current designs instead of generating fresh and innovative styles. This does not mean we need our apparel to be overly girly. Instead, we are looking for some edge, a little funk, a bit of style, and a lot of comfort. 

Check out the Skylar MTB Jersey



Ventury Silverlight: The World's Best Hiking Socks

Socks. While I'm confident they aren't in fact "The World's Best Hiking Socks," they do seem intelligently designed if nothing else. While it's often easy to judge gear by specs, materials, and designs, socks are a product that it is impossible to really judge the quality of unless you have put them on. Intrigued, but probably not backing.

If you’ve ever been on the trail walking with moist or wet feet, with your socks incessantly rubbing the skin bare, and you get to camp or home and discover you have blisters from the day’s activities. Then you know why these socks needed to be made.

If you’ve ever been enjoying a hike and your socks slip down and bunch up under your foot. You also know exactly why these socks needed to be made.

If you’ve ever made it to camp or back home, pulled off your shoes/boots (ready for a nice relaxing foot rub), and discovered the ungodly stench and odor wafting from your socks with what looks like the entire trails dirt and leafs stuck onto your socks. Then you REALLY know why these socks needed to be made!

Checkout the Ventury Socks on Indiegogo


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