Kickstarter Roundup: car tents, badass baselayers, indestructible lights, and puffies!

KickstartersLloyd Vogel

3 Kickstarters and 1 Indiegogo this week who are looking for your support! The Backcountry Baselayer, The Vagabond Home, The Ascentic One Jacket, and The Glowstone Flashlight.

While the Backcountry Baselayers appear simplistic in their design, these tops and bottoms are loaded with intentional features and materials. Cooling channels, closed hole mesh, stretchy fabric composition, angled side seems, and select areas of compression all help to make the Backcountry Baselayers a pretty rad (and very techincal) set of baselayers. Worth noting: it does promise delivery by the holidays.

The Backcountry Baselayer is made from a specially made merino-poly blended yarn that combines the best of both its natural and engineered properties to enhance temperature management and moisture control across a body-fitted, 4-way stretch top and pants set.

Mapped compression (along the arms and legs) helps increase blood circulation and alleviate muscle fatigue. At the same time, cooling channels (across the upper chest and lower back) and closed-hole mesh (under the arms, on the upper back and behind the knee and back waist) help trap air to create a self-ventilating microclimate without altering your body’s core temperature.

Checkout the Backcountry Baselayer on Kickstarter!



Everyone who spends time outside needs a reliable and durable light. This little dude is small, super bright, and seems to be pretty darn difficult to destroy. Wear it as a headlamp, hold it as a flashlight, or set it out around camp or your tent, the versatile Glowstone Flashlight has a ton of different settings and uses. 

Wireless. Waterproof. Wearable. The Glowstone Flashlight is a tiny, ultra-bright and ultra-tough handheld light. It’s as bright as expensive high powered flashlights, yet just 1/2" (13mm) thick and a fraction of the price.

Glowstone has reinvented the everyday flashlight to be more compact, versatile and functional so it can be easily used for everything from DIY jobs, outdoor adventuring and even scuba diving! 

Checkout the Glowstone Flashlight on Kickstarter!



Vagabond Home - a new way of camping

If you’ve road tripped enough, you’ve most certainly spent some time attempting to sleep in your car. It can be difficult to get legitimately comfortable, and unless you’ve got a specific set up for sleeping (see vanlife/trucklife photos always circulating on Instagram), its not particularly sustainable. The Vagabond looks like a rad solution to unpleasant night sleeps in only partially reclined seats. The Vagabond is roomy, secure, and sets up fast for when you just want to go to sleep immediately.

Vagabond Home is a comfortable and cozy home for anyone who loves doing outdoor activities and being on the road. For the first time, there is a roof top tent in which the classic two layer construction of 4 season expedition tents is used.
The two-layer construction will make you feel comfortable even in the most extreme weather conditions. It prevents condensation in wet and cold weather and eliminates any possibility of water leakage in heavy rain.



Designed with an "alpine cut," the Ascentec One is a Primaloft jacket build for those moving and shaking in the mountains! Features include micro and nano baffles, 2 way zippers, side pockets positioned out of the way of a harness or hipbelt, elastic cuffs, storm flaps, and a microfleece chin guard. We're intrigued. 

The ASCENTEC ONE is the result of over a year of material research, design development and intensive field testing. We developed the ASCENTEC ONE in close cooperation with experienced climbers and mountaineers to offer you the best possible alpine jacket for your adventures.

All materials and designs we tested in different environments and weather conditions, e.g. during rock climbing in Joshua Tree, California, or on a high-alpine glacier in the Alps.

Check out the ASCENTEC ONE on Kickstarter!


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