Kickstarter Roundup: Biking Bibs, Snowboard Slings, Ruff Ropes, and GO Chairs!

KickstartersLloyd Vogel

Interested in what outdoorsy projects are live on Kickstarter and Indiegogo? We've got you covered! This week we are checking out 4 Projects currently seeking your support: Snowboard Slings, WareHouse Bibs, RuffRescueRope Leash and the GO Chair!


Don't bring a backpack, BE a backpack. With 8 pockets (1 of which is designed to hold a water bladder), the WareHouse Bib is a bib designed to carry everything you need while running or biking. Honestly, it sounds brilliant, but with 18 days left and only 2% of their project funded, it doesn't look like this idea is going to catch fire quite yet.


Dogs love new gear too right? The Ruff Rescue Rope 2 looks like a very simple, very versatile leash for your adventure pup. Exceptionally affordable as well, this grassroots Kickstarter features 6ft and 10ft leashes from $13 to $29. Made from climbing rope, these leashes allow for multiple dogs and hands-free walking. 

Choke Chain+No-Pull Harness+Slip lead+Dual-Leash+Traffic Lead+hands free all in one simplistic design. RuffRescueRope Leashes are an all-in-one leash eliminating the use of several walking accessories helping owners save money and continue to go on adventures with their furry companions!

 Learn More - Visit the RuffRescueRope 2 Kickstarter Project


Winter is coming! There is a time of year when a majority of outdoor Kickstarters switch from focusing on summer activities to focusing on winter activities. While we aren't there quite yet, the seeds are certainly planted. If you are into snowboarding, this sling bag looks pretty sweet. Half the struggle of doing fun things is figuring out how to best transport your gear, and a small/light/fairly attractive shoulder sling seems like a good option for snowboards.  

With the Feather Rider, carrying your board, as well as other belongings, such as mobile phones, a water bottle, a wallet, batteries and even your GoPro, couldn’t be easier, and hands-free! With its special design, the Feather Rider has been developed to let you carry your board and other essentials you need in a way that’ll make you feel you don’t have anything on you—just like you always wanted!

Learn More - Visit the Feather Rider Kickstarter Project


GO CHAIR: The Bottle Sized Portable Chair

Who knew that a collapsible chair could run a million dollar campaign? It weighs 3lbs, sets up in under 5 seconds, and folds up to the size of a water bottle. Currently on Indiegogo for up to 50% off!

Easiest set up. Comfort and convenience when out and about. From concerts to camping, barbecues on the beach, now you can always have a sturdy chair when you need it. Unfolds instantly from the size of a water bottle - Comfortable & stable seating at 10 inches off the ground - Supports up to 300 pounds - Pack easily and take anywhere at 3 lbs - Weather, water and kids proof

Learn More - Visit the GO Chair Indiegogo Campaign


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