Kickstarter Roundup: Compression Briefs, Cycling Jackets, Helmet Beanies, and TI Toothpicks!

KickstartersLloyd Vogel

This week on Kickstarter check out compression briefs for runners, waterproof jackets for cyclists, beanie helmets for skiers/snowboarders, and toothpicks for all!


Designed by endurance athletes for endurance athletes, the Ruhn Co. Compression Briefs were created to suit the unique needs of runners and ultramarathoners. By eliminating front seams and selecting a comfortable and antibacterial fabric, Ruhn has intentionally designed a pair of underwear that speeds up recovery, stabilizes muscles, drys sweat, and eliminates chafing! 

Ruhn Co. Apparel offers a patented fully seamless compression technology that revolutionized compression apparel. Our zero-seam front makes our products the first of its kind. Based on our past success, we've brought you our most versatile short yet: The Hybrid Compression Brief. Part boxer brief, part high-compression short this style allows you the ability to wear them under all types of outerwear and inseam lengths. New color options and an updated fit makes this our best, most comfortable product ever!

Check out the Seamless Hybrid Compression Briefs on Kickstarter! 



It's brightly colored, reflective, waterproof, packable, and is loaded with lots of convenient features for serious and casual cyclists alike! Their Kickstarter launches 3 new jackets: The MOVA 3.0, The Hoody, and The Air Jacket.

Last year we saw a bike helmet that looked like a hat, and this year we've got a beanie that functions as a helmet! As far as helmets go, the Anti Ordinary does do a good job of convincing the eye that you aren't wearing a helmet. Why you'd feel uncool or uneasy wearing a helmet (enough so that you wear a fake beanie helmet) is another issue, but it does look comfortable, fashionable, and a good solution for those typically resistant to protective headgear. 


While backpacking, I don't give too much thought to bodily hygiene or smell, however, for some reason, I do get compulsive about my oral hygiene. Don't get me wrong, I care about this in urban/daily life as well, but on trail, it feels especially important. This is by no means the first titanium toothpick on the market, but at .16oz, you won't find a lighter (more sustainable) luxury item! While its primary function is as a toothpick, it also doubles as a sliver remover and nail cleaner. 

If you are looking for the highest quality toothpick ever made.. I have good news for you.. We have made exactly that! Before I tell you more about the XtalPick.. I have one thing I have to tell you.. I created this toothpick because I was terrified. I was terrified of ever being in that awkward situation where you needed a toothpick but you didn’t have one..Those times where you are frantically searching for something.. A credit card, a receipt, a key, maybe even one of those “wooden one-use toothpicks”.. anything just anything to get that pesky something out of your teeth. Those are the times when you need something like this the most, but you simply just don’t have it with you.

Check out the Crystal Titanium Toothpick on Kickstarter!



Lloyd - Garage Grown Gear

Lloyd - Garage Grown Gear

Pretty sure they are Redwing Boots!



The toothpick idea is cool, but what I really want to know is….what is the brand name of the boots in the toothpick picture?

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