Kickstarter Round up: Pika Pods, Bike Sails, Mini Torch, and Bridge Hammocks!

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This week's Kickstarter Roundup features Pika Products, CycleWing, The World's Smallest Torch, and the Ultimate Sleeper Hammock!


We had the pleasure of checking out the Pika Products packing cubes this past week at Outdoor Retailer! Fun, functional, and versatile, these packing cubes are designed to keep you organized while climbing, hiking, or generally enjoying the outdoors. The medium and large sized packing cubes double as daypacks/summit packs, and have compression straps to help maximize the space in your pack. 

Packing cubes were a game changer for us in terms of staying organized and feeling less frustrated during our activities. We felt this especially with top-loading backpacking packs, which almost always left the inside of our pack in chaos immediately after heading out.

However, the packing cubes we used were not outdoor specific and left a lot to be desired. So we decided to make our own.

Check out the Pika Products packing cubes on Kickstarter!



At its core, Kickstarter is about the introduction of new and unique ideas. Wind propulsion bicycles? Not something you hear (or see) every day! Designed to give you an extra boost while traveling long distances, the CycleWing installs on most bikes, weighs 15lbs, and has a fairly ambitious 75K goal. 

CycleWing is a new bicycle-mounted green technology that can turn almost any bicycle into a wind propelled vehicle. The patent pending CycleWing unit is compact, lightweight, and installs easily on most bicycles. If your bicycle can accommodate a standard rear rack, you should be able to install CycleWing on it.  

With the CycleWing unit installed, the rider can deploy the CycleWing sail (wing) in mere minutes to get that extra boost from the wind.  With CycleWing deployed, the rider has full electronic control of the sail and can orient it to provide optimal thrust according to conditions.  A simple interface consisting of a graphic display and just two buttons (conveniently placed by your thumbs) means you can just keep looking forward and you never have to take your hands off the wheel to manage a potentially unwieldy sail. 

Check out the CycleWing on Kickstarter



A tiny light? While it won't be replacing my handlamp anytime soon, this .28oz "torch" (it's a UK campaign) is light, bright, little, waterproof, and fireproof, and it generally seems to have the potential for some useful/creative frontcountry and backcountry applications. 

Check out the Sub Torch on Kickstarter!



Watching this Kickstarter video will do 2 things:

1. Make you think it's still the 90's.
2. Leave you with the impression that this is the first bridge hammock to ever hit the market.

For those befuddled by the time warp, fear not! It is 2019, and despite this campaign's claims, it is not a particularly revolutionary design (there are dozens of other bridge hammocks on the market). Despite the dubious claims of originality, the one intriguing aspect is their claim that the lightweight version of The Ultimate Sleeper Hammock will weigh under 2lbs. While that's pretty heavy for a gathered end hammock, that would be pretty incredible for a bridge hammock (given the materials they seem to be using). Skeptical...

Most hammocks are not adjustable, and they droop in the middle making your body curve in an unfamiliar way. 

We re-imagined the hammock and solved this problem. “The Ultimate Sleeper Hammock” uses a patent pending hourglass shape with adjustable variable length end cross members and strap tension that allows you to control the hammocks curvature, enabling you to lie flat, or slightly concave up or down, depending on your body and preference. We believe this will change the way people enjoy hammocks.

Check out the Ultimate Sleeper Hammock on Kickstarter!


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