Kickstarter: Himali Altocumulus Jacket, Haven Tent, MountainFLOW, and the Lifesaber!

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Himali is back with another Kickstarter! This newest campign introduces the 2.0 version of their Altocumulus Down Jacket. 9.8oz, 850 FP goosedown, and significantly slimmer than the original, if the 2.0 is anything as good as the 1.0, it's bound to be quality!

Your New Favorite Puffy! Ultralight, WARM, Water Resistant, and Self-Stuffable


Another fairly interesting attempt on a bridge hammock that provides a flat (tentlike) lie. As someone so astuetly noted in the comment section of the Haven Kickstarter: "I do see this has the potential to be one of the best camping solutions available if you could shave 2 pounds off it."

At just under 5 pounds, its weight relegates it as a quirky item for car camping or casual overnights. Like most hammock Kickstarters, it has intriguing components, but unfortunatly lacks the complete picture.

Haven is a hammock... only comfortable. It's a tent... but easy to set up and take down. We've combined the best of hammock camping and tent camping into one amazing lay. Our patent pending design creates a flat and ergonomic sleeping platform, no matter how you sleep...

Check out the Haven Tent on Kickstarter



Snow Shed Wax Co becomes mountainFLOW eco-wax and launches a Kickstarter! While the mere existence of such a Kickstarter forces us to face the harsh reality of impending colder weather, it looks like Peter and his team at mountainFLOW have a home run of a product line launching through this project. While you could wait a couple of months until we'll carry it on GGG, you can score some great deals now and buy more from us later :)

We are launching North America's only line of plant-based ski wax. For context, nearly all ski wax is made from petroleum and whatever we put on our skis quickly enters the snowpack and eventually ends up in local streams and rivers. 

Just being eco-friendly, however, is not good enough. The product has to be amazing! We have spent the past two years on R&D and have tested hundreds of different formulations. Through a proprietary blend of plant-based waxes and oils we have replicated the performance of a conventional (petroleum-based) ski wax.

Check out mountainFLOW eco-wax on Kickstarter



LIFESABER®: A Limitless Power Supply For Wilderness Survival

While it won't do your dishes, it's advertised to do just about everything else. Most likely in the realm of gimmicky quazi survival gear, it's fun to look at and has one of the strangest Kickstarter videos I've seen in a while. 

Never a dead cellphone. Comes with breakthrough USB generator, light/siren, UV water purifier and plasma firestarter…

Check out the LifeSaber on Kickstarter


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