Jelt Belt review: elastic, retro belt for hiking and airports

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Jelt Belt Review Elastic Retro Belt

Hashtag jelting. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks. I’ve been doing it so much, that when I reached for one of my leather belts the other day, it was so dusty, I just decided to put my Jelt Belt back on.

Jennifer Perry designed the Jelt Belt in Bozeman, Montana when she was fed up with the dreaded crack attack of wearing low-rise skinny jeans. Because she’s an active mom and ranch manager, Jen wanted the belt to be versatile for a variety of activities.

She designed the inside of the belt with grippy rubber to create friction on your pants, and not slide around like leather or plain webbing belts. For the buckle construction and packaging, she used 100% recycled materials.

Jelt Belt comes in four fun, unisex colors – three striped and one solid – for easy matching to your wardrobe, but with a little flair.

Jelt Belt Review Elastic Retro Belt

I worked hard to put my Sporty Blue Jelt Belt through as many activities as I could think of. Yard work. Volunteering at the local farm. Hiking. A week-long river trip. Looking hot for date night. Dressing sassy for girls night. Road trips. Bike rides. Camping. Playing on the floor with the nieces and nephews-in skinny jeans.

I am not a curvy person, so my pants are often on the loose side. I cannot put pants on without a belt or it’s going to be annoying pants management all day long.

Guess what? No matter the activity, with my Jelt Belt it worked so well I forgot I was even wearing it. No pants falling down. No gaping. No belt pinch. No need to adjust it every half hour.

Jelt Belt Review Elastic Retro Belt

Jelt Belt Review Elastic Retro Belt

There are a few activities I did not do with the Jelt Belt. I didn’t use it for skiing (or any snowsport) because I tested it during early summer. I did not get to take it through airport security and I did not wear it for Thanksgiving dinner. But 2015 is still rolling and I am still #jelting.

Jelt Belt Pros

  • Does exactly what it claims! Keeps your pants up.
  • No buckle bulge – great for fitted shirts and a clean style.
  • Light and easy to pack for any adventure.
  • No metal – helpful for airport security.

Jelt Belt Cons

  • Buckle closure can be a little fussy, especially if you are used to a traditional buckle.
  • Light blue style was too casual for dress pants or business casual meetings – the black color would likely solve this issue.
  • Belt “retraction” – when you unbuckle it, the belt goes back to it’s resting size because it is elastic. I often had to re-thread it through the belt loops after a trip to the loo, or re-tucking my shirt.

Bottom line: The Jelt Belt is versatile, comfortable and sporty and I’m excited to find out how it does with air travel. If you are looking for something dressier, try the Modern Black or Denim colors.



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