‘If I Won the Lottery’ Wish List!

Grit (Amy's Blog)Amy Hatch

This week my husband and I did something we’ve never done before: bought lottery tickets. Four of them to be exact.

And, while we were deeply shocked when we didn’t win billions, we still got our $18 worth of fun through daydreaming about what we’d do with truckloads of cash. Some of our ideas were entirely practical and others were totally outrageous.

But if I had to pair my list down to 9 items, here’s what would make the cut …


1) Build a funky, artistic cabin in our backyard filled with colorful glass mosaics and ingenious woodwork that would double as an office and guest house. Here's my inspiration board ... 



2) Book a yoga, running, meditation & mountain biking retreat in an off-the-beaten path corner of the world. Suggestions welcome!


3) Overnight a Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltaMid. I’ve been lusting after this ultralight backpacking shelter for two years now. And, despite not winning the lottery, I’m hopeful that Santa will come through this Christmas.



4) Hire a house cleaner — because there’s nothing I drag my feet more on that house chores. Just ask my husband.


5) Get a new head-to-toe outfit that would include: a Skida Alpine Hat, a Voormi High-E Hoodie, a Purple Rain Adventure Skirt, Coalition Snow Capris, Salmon Sisters Jellyfish 6” Deck Boot and a Himali Altocumulus Down Jacket (as my 10-year-old puffy has seen better days). 

6) Finally hop on the fat bike bandwagon with the purchase of a Borealis Crestone Elite XX1. My husband and seemingly all my friends are obsessed with fat biking. I’ve dragged my feet on it, because winters are for skiing, IMHO. But … with my new found billions, and less work to interfere with my time, adding one more sport to the lineup couldn’t hurt! 

Trick out an adventure vehicle — an all new 2019 Toyota 4-Door Truck with a topper, Roofnest Eagle roof top tent, and the Backstage Swing Away Platform Hitch Rack (For Mountain Bikes) by RockyMounts … for starters! Or I might just be a joiner and go with a Sprinter Van.


8) Outfit all of the dogs in Teton Valley with Rad Dog Release N Run collars with built-in retractable leashes! There about 10,000 human residents in our little valley, so 20,000 leashes should suffice. 


I’d probably be remiss to leave a college fund for our daughter and a retirement fund for ourselves off this list. At least that’s what our financial advisor would say. While we’re at it, we should hook up our family and close friends with some financial cushion.


 Now it's your turn! What would be on your wish list if you scored big? 



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Iris Gonzalez

Iris Gonzalez

I would love to win this wonderful prize !!!!

Meghan Schenck

Meghan Schenck

Love this list! Keep those dreams going, because not all of them require winning lotto tickets. Here are some material things I think would be awesome to have-

1. Deck out our house with all the upgrades we want- new kitchen, windows, gutters, patios, bathrooms, and garage space.
2. Toyota Sienna minivan with all the bells and whistles including the best carseats money can buy for our girls. Bonus if it has auto drive capability.
3. New Apple products- phone, computer, watch, and whatever stupid expensive accessories they require.
4. Fly first class… better yet, join a jet club and fly private whenever to wherever we want.
5. Get the gear- backpacking, snowboarding, biking… all the best of whatever we “need”.

Amy Hatch

Amy Hatch

Timothy, love it! Except for perpetually avoiding snow ; ) Cheers, Amy

timothy j mcphillips

timothy j mcphillips

1. get a Mercedes 4×4 military truck and outfit it for extreme rv’ing
2. buy round the world cruise tickets
3. buy an electric mountain/cargo bike
4. go salmon fishing in Alaska
5. spend he winter somewhere warm
6. travel Europe
7. finish my book
8. buy a telephoto lens for my canon t3i
9. do a lot more metal detecting
10. buy more shorts, I don’t plan on seeing snow again

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