How being an endurance athlete helps me show up as CEO, mom

Grit (Amy's Blog)Amy Hatch

Amy at Scout Mountain 100K

It was one of those ridiculous moments in life. My husband and I were all snuggled into bed. He hopped up to let the dogs back in the house. Immediately, we were accosted, by the overwhelming stench of skunk.

I couldn’t decide if I was seriously annoyed or deeply humored, as we changed out of our PJs into old painting clothes to begin the tedious – and only half-effective – process of hosing down our dogs, dousing them in vinegar and adding tomato juice to the next day’s shopping list. The clock read midnight by the time we closed our eyes.

And, that’s not the only absurd moment I’ve had in the past week. I also somehow managed to lock my keys in the car ... with my 4 year old inside, strapped safely in her car seat. Thanks goodness for that AAA membership purchased by my husband’s parents.

People often ask me how I manage life as a mom, startup founder and endurance athlete. The truth is many times I don’t.  Often I’m barely hanging on and have lost even that last shred of grace. But there are those moments too when I feel like “I’ve totally got this.”

Amy Hatch photo by Bradley J Boner

Photo by Bradly J. Boner

And when I’m in that place, I do have a few secrets to success.  First and most importantly, I have a supportive husband and parents. They create the freedom for me to pursue my passions, professionally and in the outdoors.

Before I was married and had a kiddo, I structured my life around ultrarunning. I had a part-time job that allowed me the flexibility to spend hours on trails. When that lifestyle abruptly changed, my need for adventuring didn’t go away. It just got modified and somewhat put on hold.

Amy Hatch Wind River Trip

This summer is the first time since our daughter was born that I’ve felt fully back in the saddle. And, it’s made me really, really happy.

I got to do the Scout Mountain 100K the first week of June. That was followed by the Teton Ogre 28-hour adventure race and then the Never Summer 24-hour adventure race. The icing on the cake was a 4-day backpacking and packrafting trip through the Wind Rivers a couple of weeks back.

This string of great summer adventures was inspired by a meltdown I had back in March, when I decided I needed to run a 100K ultra to de-stress. It worked.

Amy Hatch Wind River Trip

Experiences outside fuel me. They build my confidence and help quiet my mind. They give me the energy to deal with my dogs getting skunked right before bed. They allow me to show up as a mom and CEO, fully present.

And, as I find more of the “me” in myself, the rest of life is unfolding much more naturally. Garage Grown Gear has some super exciting things on the horizon.

We’re launching a new site here in the next month or so, with a full re-brand. Stay tuned for Garage Grown Gear 2.0. It’s looking sharp.

We recently welcomed Cecilia Roy to our team as our store manager. If you have questions about a product or purchase, feel free to reach out to her directly at

And we have a sweet giveaway for you all coming in October to get us stoked for ski season. We’ll unveil the full details soon, but here’s a hint of what’s in store: skis, yurt and hand-branded gloves.

This journey called life is a wild journey but one I love taking. Thanks for joining me on the ride.

North Leigh to Littles Peak

P.S. I recently read this article written by Tower Paddle Board’s CEO about changing his whole team to 5-hour workdays. There are a lot of gems in this article. Chief among them is the idea that we can accomplish a whole lot more in less time by getting laser focused on the 20% of activities that create 80% of the results. I love it and very much operate by this same principle.


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